Sunday Link-Off: The Aftermath

Back to back days with me? Bonus! Okay, nobody else is excited about back-to-back Steve. Maybe I can make up for it with Lindsay Ellingson. If there was such a thing as an underrated Victoria’s Secret angel, it would be her.

The NFL schedule came out last week. Since the NFL has a pretty rigid scheduling protocol, you’d think it would be pretty easy to put together a schedule. However, scheduling a 16-game schedule for 32 teams is a total nightmare. (New York Times)

Buzz Bissinger, one of my favourite sports writers, is allowed to cash in every now and then. He’s doing a follow-up book called “After Friday Night Lights.” Here’s an excerpt. (Grantland)

WWE announcers often like to refer to crowds who don’t follow the script as “bizarre.” However, crowds cheering and booing against the WWE’s wishes are becoming more the norm than the exception. (The Classical)

After the jump, ESPN thinks pot is destroying college athletics, the new look of KFC Japan and blowing random shit up in super slow mo.

Let’s summarize the latest joke of an ESPN article: “OH NOS! COLLEGE KIDS ARE DOING THE MARIJUANA!” Like no one at ESPN has ever smoked pot. (Sports Grid)

It was only a matter of time before Jose Canseco pulled a classic athlete on Twitter move. He asked for a picture of a random follower. When he was found out, he claimed it was all a mistake. (Buzzfeed)

For the second day in a row, we’ve got an NFL Draft-themed link. It’s an NFL media draft to create a fictional football network. (Awful Announcing) I think we have to do the same here ahead of the NHL draft.

The absolute bottom of the blogosphere is up for sale. The Bleacher Report is available for  sale with a price in the $200 million range. That’s at least $199,999,999 more than most of its posts are worth. (Business Insider)

I thought this was interesting: Even TMZ is covering the news about the Secret Service and Columbian hookers. I never thought I’d write that sentence. And I never thought I’d say that I like their unique perspective. (TMZ)

Japanese KFC restaurants are getting a makeover into something a bit more like a bar. Beats the hell out of McDonald’s turning into overgrown Starbucks. (Kotaku)

As part of the campaign to get Frogger into the Smithsonian’s video game exhibit, campaigners have created a 21st century Frogger with a little inspiration from Seinfeld. It’s 5th Avenue Frogger. (Joystiq)

Want to know what makes a great tweet? Harvard’s got you covered. (Harvard Business Review)

I’ve never heard of the British game show Golden Balls but this is definitely one of the best game show moments I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a bunch of shit getting destroyed in super slow motion. Who doesn’t like some mindless destruction.

Leave it to the Taiwanese to have an odd take on NHL violence.

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