Bond 24 Rumour: Never Say Never Say Never Again

The 23rd James Bond movie isn’t premiering in theatres for another seven months but the 24th movie in the famed film franchise has already been written and principal photography is set to begin in the upcoming months. The current working title of the film is “Never Say Never Say Never Again.”

The working title is a play on the classic unofficial Bond movie Never Say Never Again which is a play on the Sean Connery quote that he would never play James Bond again. Never Say Never Again wasn’t an “official” Bond movie as it wasn’t produced by Cubby Broccoli’s Eon Productions. The movie was a second adaptation of the Ian Fleming novel Thunderball.

This new movie Bond movie continues the story of Quantum, the villanous group introduced in the rebooted Bond movies as a replacement for SMERSH/SPECTRE. In this movie, the Quantum group attempt to amass power by indoctrinating the youth of the world through subliminal messages.

MI6 will discover a mobilization of resources by Quantum and Bond will be sent to track down a lead. It turns out that Quantum is using a popular pre-pubescent male singer who is targeted to teens and pre-teens in order to broadcast subliminal messages. Bond finds out that at Quantum’s messages have been implanting a trigger word into youth who are unwitting sleeper agents for Quantum and will launch a global takeover of government to hand control to Quantum.

It is also rumoured that Sony Pictures in uncomfortable with the prospect of child soldiers featuring in the plot after the recent Kony 2012 campaign. Producer Michael G. Wilson is believed to be pushing that part of the plot as a result of the recent attention to child soldier as a result of Kony 2012.

Only two things are certain about Bond 24 at this point: 1) Daniel Craig will return as James Bond in the first of his five film contract to star as 007; and 2) The official title of Bond 24 will be announced during the credits of Skyfall in classic Bond movie tradition.

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