Wednesday Link-Off: Still Standing

On Sunday, we featured Canadian model Kim Cloutier. Today, we have another Canadian model, Andi Muise. You can’t say that we don’t produce some great talent in the Great White North.

Do you have to be smart to win Jeopardy or can you teach yourself to win? One of Jeopardy’s all-time greats, Roger Craig, shared his secret prep methods. (Esquire)

Canada is a great nation in space. We have the Canadarm up there and now we have the first Lego man is space. (Toronto Star)

While SOPA and PIPA want to kill piracy in America, it is playing a vital role in the world. There are some things that would be lost for all of time if pirates hadn’t kept them alive. (Technologizer)

After the jump, how Bill Simmons got hired, the first computer password also sucked and what if fire flowers were real.

It’s comical to read the column that got Bill Simmons hired at ESPN because it’s much more aggressively critical of ESPN than most bloggers. (Deadspin)

The latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame could be the most important celebrity to the WWE during the Attitude Era. Joining the class of 2012 is Mike Tyson. (Camel Clutch Blog)

The first computer password was used in the 1960s. It was pretty useless then too. (Wired)

Keeping with the PC theme, here are the ten best Star Wars PC games every Star Wars fan should play. (Maximum PC) Not too shockingly, I’ve actually played six of those games.

If Star Wars games aren’t your speed, maybe you’d prefer Kotaku’s running list of the best games on every platform. (Kotaku)

Celebrities can make money from anything, including tweeting. They’re making big bucks for advertising stuff in their tweets. (Vulture)

SplitSider has a bracket to find the greatest sitcom episode of all-time. There’s no way this can’t be fun and massively controversial. (SplitSider)

We’ll have more Super Bowl coverage over the course of the next few days. For now, here’s a gallery of the best stadium models made from snacks. (Twisted Sifter)

Freddie Wong may have outdone himself this time with a video of what would happen if SMB’s fire flower was real.

Every Doctor Who story ever listed in one video. Pretty damn awesome but needs more Hartnell and Troughton. I always want more of Doctor’s #1 and #2.

This reporter doesn’t think he has much of a story on his hands.

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