Entertainment Link-Off: Less Talk, More Action

It’s all about action this weekend at the box office. You can catch George Lucas’ passion project WWII flick Red Tails starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. There’s also Gina Carano’s acting debut in Haywire. Of course, for those who are fans of seeing Kate Beckinsale with blue contacts and in a tight black corset outfit, Underworld: Awakening is at a theatre near you. The Underworld films have never been great, but somehow Kate Beckinsale does the trick when it comes to drawing me to the theatre, so let’s kick start the ELO with her.

After the jump, a SOPA infographic, a few movie trailers to see, news on some possible movie sequels, Chuck Norris may have ruined The Expendables, Rachel Bilson displays her rapping chops and you should join “The Bark Side”.

Earlier this week, the protest against SOPA has generated quite a bit of hoopla around the net. If people thought China has taken censorship too far, imagine what would happen if SOPA took into effect… Anyway, a nice infographic explaining how the movie industry has got it all wrong. (Matador)

Yes this weekend, we get some over the top stylized action (yet thin on story) from Underworld: Awakening. Another film franchise that runs along the same line is Resident Evil. The latest trailer has hit the web, but sadly it feels more like a Sony commercial rather than a teaser for the film. (Yahoo)

The international trailer for American Reunion shows that the more things change… well… you know… the more they stay the same. But for nostalgia sake, at least it still looks like a fun movie. (Coming Soon)

Director Peter Berg might have his hands full with Battleship at the moment, but he’s quite keen on doing the sequel to the superhero flick Hancock. Yeah, remember that one? Well the ’08 blockbuster starring Will Smith was a fun flick and started off great, I thought the second half of the film was a major letdown. (The Playlist)

For those that were looking forward to a sequel to Bridesmaids, here’s some bad news. Kristen Wiig has confirmed that she’s not going to be involved in it. (E! Online)

The Expendables 2 will be rated PG-13… and it’s all Chuck Norris’ fault! (Slashfilm)

Final poster for The Hunger Games is fiery hot once again. (The Huffington Post)

While we’re still awaiting the fate of NBC’s Community, we can take a look at past “save our show” campaigns that worked. (io9)

Community cast members reimagined as X-Men characters. (Geek Tyrant)

The crew of Hart of Dixie is having a bit too much fun behind the scenes and the end result is an awesome music video featuring Rachel Bilson displaying her rapping chops. For the ladies out there, it also features Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter doing the car wash. (Funny or Die)

Now this is the future of Hollywood. Why would you need inanimate objects, when you can get actors to play inanimate objects? Oh the wonders of technology. Check out this hilarious video starring Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. (Funny or Die)

I think all the complaints have finally gotten to him. George Lucas will no longer be making more Star Wars movies! (NY Times)

I’m usually not a huge fan of procedural dramas and it looks like I got more reasons to not like them. Even the cops in the shows are getting lazy now. All the answers are simply a click away… (Entertainment Weekly)

The CW is really good with originality when it comes to ordering new pilots for the new fall season… /sarcasm. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Good news Sherlock fans (I’m talking about the BBC series, not the films), series 3 has already been greenlit! (Crave Online)

I absolutely loved Volkswagon’s The Force commercial during the Super Bowl last year and it looks like they’re trying really hard to top it this year. This time around, VW once again uses Star Wars… except instead of having a small kid dress up as Darth Vader, this commercial teaser features cute dogs. Enjoy “The Bark Side”.

Not everything Resident Evil is bad. Film franchise aside, at least the video games continue to be quite entertaining and fun. For those who are excited about the release of Resident Evil 6, here’s a trailer to wet your appetites.

Fresh off the new year, this video featured Youtube artists talking about what they would change about the world and what they would do on the last day of the earth.

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