Wednesday Link-Off: Back To Business

So Comic Con is over. The NFL lockout is over. CM Punk’s absence from the WWE seems to be over. And Olivia Wilde is starring in a movie that doesn’t look that good. It looks like everything is back to normal.

The NFL lockout is over. I guess we have the NBA which is locked out with their cocks out. (Literally in the case of Ron Artest.) Anyway, CBS casts the inevitable NFL lockout movie. (CBS Sports)

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox is going to be making an ESPN movie. They’ve purchased the movie rights to the ESPN book. (Deadline)

Sources say that there is a non-salary cap and non-temporary insanity reason for Philly trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Apparently, they partied too hard. Multi-millionaires in their 20s partying? Well, I’d never! (Philadelphia Daily News)

After the jump, George Lucas’ daughter is an MMA fighter, 30 years of Don’t Stop Believin’, and the return of CM Punk.

Now that the Winnipeg Jets have unveiled their new logo, they can get on with the rest of the to-do list before their first season. And it’s quite an extensive list. (Down Goes Brown)

Legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger went missing in Las Vegas over the weekend. What happens in Vegas… (Fang’s Bites)

Did you know that George Lucas’ daughter is an MMA fighter? Did you know she’s 1-1 and has a third fight coming up soon. (Off The Bench)

It’s hard out here for a pimp. It’s also hard out here for mariachi bands. The economic downturn has been especially hard on performers of my favourite Mexican music genre. (New York Times)

Man, scientists can really suck. They say that time travel is impossible because nothing travels faster than the speed of light. We’ll never get time travel with that attitude. (Daily Mail)

Nathan Fillion is the Browncoats’ choice to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. But Nathan’s trying to cool off the Nathan for Nathan campaign before it overwhelms new director Neil Burger. (Screen Rant)

This year is the 30th anniversary of Journey’s epic Don’t Stop Believin’. Here’s the story behind the song and it’s on-again, off-again success. (CBS News)

Glee is slightly responsible for Don’t Stop Believin’s recent success. But Glee’s popularity does come with a price. That price is a very, very bad porn parody. (SplitSider)

Setting up McDonald’s wi-fi on your Mac is easy. Setting up McDonald’s wi-fi on your Windows-powered computer… Not so much. (Gizmodo)

Ever wonder how the most popular websites of today compare with those of 15 years ago? Not much has stayed the same. (Business Insider)

Gina Carano’s been out of MMA for the last two years. In that span, she’s made a Steven Soderbergh movie with an A-list cast. Meet Hollywood’s newest female action star. And likely soon to be one of its most bankable stars.

I’ve been to a couple of NASCAR races and watched plenty more on TV. This pre-race invocation at a Nationwide Series race from this weekend is easily the best prayer in the history of the world.

This week in CM Punk sightings: CM Punk meets Jimmy Kimmel’s Cousin Sal’s son Archie who happens to be a huge John Cena fan.

And CM Punk made his return to WWE Raw this week. I think they might be bringing him back a bit quickly but the stare-down was pretty cool.


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