Entertainment Link-Off: Notorious

I’ve drawn in for Jackie for this week’s edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. To kick things off, here’s Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive Katrina Bowden. If you watch 30 Rock (which I haven’t since the first episode with the exception of the Night Court episode), you might have seen her.

The FBI don’t have a reputation for being the most open agency of the US government but they made an effort this week. They’ve made files from their investigation into the murder of Notorious BIG open to the public. (LA Times)

After the jump, Snooki goes to WrestleMania, the richest characters of all-time, and a Star Wars parody of Friday.

Good news! LeBron James’s new cartoon is shit. Like we’re at all surprised. (Bro Bible)

Also in the realm of good news: Glenn Beck’s daily show will be leaving the airwaves of Fox News. Maybe this will help to restore in America just a bit… Okay, wishful thinking but we can’t lose all hope for them. (New York Times)

Vince “ShamWow/Slap Chop Guy” Shlomi is being sued thanks to more woman trouble. His former assistant is suing him and all the dirty laundry is being aired. Clearly, Vince is no Billy Mays. (The Smoking Gun)

People are complaining about American Idol voting again. The cute brunette who can actually sing got voted off. Near the end of the results show recap is a good explanation of how Idle voting actually works. (Washington Post)

Since Jackie usually links to something Asian or Asian-inspired in his posts so I may as well do the same… Sort of. The world’s first 3D porno has been produced in China. It was bound to happen some time. (The Independent)

And tangentially related to porn, the unofficial Miley Cyrus sex doll has been released. It sold out in 48 hours. (New York Daily News)

Snooki wrestled at WrestleMania 27 and didn’t do too badly all things considered. That doesn’t mean that she plans on going back into the ring any time soon. (Camel Clutch Blog)

Snooki also made this list of the worst celebrity wrestlers of all-time. I wouldn’t give this list too much credence because it includes Ken Jeong and WCW Champion David Arquette. (Ego TV)

Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth tour is steadily improving… Well, at least until last night in New York. Anyway, the live show hasn’t killed the potential merchandising opportunities that Sheen’s exploring with trying to trademark 22 of his catch phrases. (Radar Online)

How about a pair of lists before the YouTubbery? First, it’s Forbes’s list of the 15 richest fictional character. #1 was a character from my favourite childhood cartoon. (Daily Telegraph)

Speaking of fictional characters, here are the top seven guys from 1980s movies that you most want to hang out with. (Guyism)

Jackie’s going to kill me for this but it’s time for a Friday cover/parody. It’s a Star Wars-themed cover of the Rebecca Black classic.

I’ll make it up to Jackie and the rest of you with this one. It’s a near perfect recreation of the dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller starring the Autobots. Suck on that , Michael Bay.

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