Sunday Link-Off: V-Day Warmup

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Shockingly, one member of Team Lowdown actually does have plans (I would assume). Not surprisingly, it’s neither Jackie nor me. Anyway, here’s Adriana Lima.

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it’s only appropriate that we start with a Valentine’s Day infographic. (Cool Material)

Tomorrow is also the first day of Ken Jennings vs. a computer on Jeopardy. The problem with that matchup is that Jennings has the deck stacked against him. (Esquire)

And we’re a little late with this story but he’s the not so much of a love story of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and a 17-year-old. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the luckiest Packers fan in the world, a pair of PlayStation-related fails, and more infographics.

An Italian man might just be the luckiest Packers fan in the world. He managed to schmooze his way into an all-access pass for Super Bowl 45. (Shutdown Corner)

I named the NFL’s “Best Fans Ever” the best ad of Super Bowl 45. Well, Tirico Suave discovered some scenes left on the cutting room floor. (Tirico Suave)

Bad news for hockey media: It looks like the IIHF is going to change the spelling and pronunciation of Russian names to make them sound closer to the proper Russian. (Puck Daddy)

It looks like Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce have found a way to cash in on their not-quite-perfect game. They’ve written a book together. (Big League Stew)

How did Conan go from a dying network to a national sensation on cable TV? Social media. (Fortune)

PlayStation’s VP of Everything Kevin Butler seems like a cool dude but he’s not the brightest PR creation of the bunch. He unknowingly retweeted the PS3 jailbreak code. (RipTen)

Director of the in-development Uncharted movie David O. Russell claims to have loved the Uncharted game. But when he starts talking about what made the game great, you quickly realize that he’s full of shit. (Kotaku)

Did you know that Pokemon has been on TV so long that they’re currently airing their 14th season in America? Here’s a retrospective of Nintendo’s most popular TV show. (IGN)

For a couple of days, the Catholic Church was actually in the 21st century. Then they banned their iPhone confession app. So much for progress. (Daily Mail)

Back to Valentine’s Day infographics. First, it’s more about the numbers and dollars behind the big day. (The Campus Socialite)

And here are 11 infographics that every geek loves. (Next Round)

Just in time for V-Day, here’s a Tumblr blog about bad sex ed lessons. (Bad Sex Ed)

It’s only appropriate that I run this James May compilation today. After all, James May’s catch phrase is oddly appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

A guy locked himself in a Vegas hotel room with a high-speed camera. The result is unbelievably cool.

We’ve seen various XBox Kinect hacks but nothing for an actual game. Well, now someone has made the Kinect work with Dead Space 2. There might be hope for it yet.

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