Entertainment Link-Off: Music To My Earholes

In theatres this weekend, you can either catch Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch (currently standing at 1% fresh) or perhaps check out Country Strong which isn’t doing much better at 15% Tomatometer. On the bright side, you do get to see Leighton Meester in the movie working her vocal pipes!

After the jump, a flowchart explaining why Black Swan was so awesome, the different body masses of Christian Bale, NASA hates 2012, Bill Hader teams up with Volkswagon, Josh Groban interprets Kanye West’s tweets, Machete in claymation and an awesome short film worthy of a look!

A part of me was hoping that this film will not see the light of day but the cast photo has surfaced on the internet. The remake of Red Dawn (aka possibly the most Sinophobic film to hit theatres in modern day) starring Adrianne Palicki and Chris Hemsworth just might make it to theatres this year. (Cinema Blend)

Many people might dig Black Swan and start analyzing the intricate details of the cinematography, screenwriting, the directing, the acting and etc. However through the mind of a regular guy like you and me, perhaps this flowchart is a better representation on why we loved Black Swan. (Slate)

Many people are whispering with regards to whether James Franco is gay or not because he has played a few gay characters in his films. To be honest, I don’t see what the fuss is about. I seriously don’t see why people need to speculate on this given that it is his private life after all.  Anyway he has a pretty interesting way of addressing the ‘gay rumours’. (Entertainment Weekly)

You may notice that Christian Bale tends to look drastically different in certain films. It’s not all CGI and whatnot. He literally buffs up or trims down to those certain weights. The dude’s health must have taken quite the beating. (Slashfilm)

Many don’t want to believe that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were the screenwriters behind Good Will Hunting. Turns out they didn’t really come up with the ending, it was actually Terrence Malick’s idea that made the final cut. (NY Mag)

Twilight fan gone mad. A woman in the UK spent £2000 to get her entire back inked with artwork from the film franchise. I can think of much better ways to spend that money. (Daily Mail)

NASA thinks that Roland Emmerich’s 2012 is the silliest movie ever made. Meanwhile they really like Gattaca. They also like Blade Runner but not enough to put it on the ‘plausible list’. (Slashfilm)

Catch the brand new American trailer for sci-fi comedy Paul! (Apple)

We got a taste of the new American trailer for the next Simon Pegg/Nick Frost collaboration buddy alien comedy Paul, now here’s a featurette that includes some additional scenes! (Hey U Guys)

Bill Hader will appear in the film Paul, but why wait for that to come out to catch some of his comedic shops? Volkswagon got him to sign on and do a few handful of commercials and I gotta say, they’re quite funny compared to the usual dull fare that VW comes up with. (Collider)

Justin Bieber has gone mad but at least this demand I can live with. He’s willing to do a cameo on Glee if they can convince Cheryl Cole to be on the show. I say that’s a fair trade. (Zap2it)

Some images from Steven Speilberg’s long gestating sci-fi series Terra Nova has finally come to light. Take a look to see whether this series is worth checking out next fall. (Moviehole)

Tim Kring discusses about the downfall of Heroes and what he thinks will be the future of television. I don’t know about you, but it seems like the cancellation of Heroes has knocked his confidence in long running series. (Metro)

Say whatever you want about Tron Legacy. The movie might have had plenty of things that needed to be tweaked, the visual effects are stunning. Digital Domain has compiled a super-spoilery short video detailing every little trick and computer generated image. It’s worth a watch. I still suggest seeing it in its full glory in 3D. (io9)

“Oscar and Grammy-nominated” singer Josh Groban played a commercial for his new album during Jimmy Kimmel live at the beginning of this week and it’s a good one! Josh Groban’s “The Best Tweets of Kanye West” includes 752 original songs and 48 CDs. Unfortunately, it’s not available in stores and the rest of the world is bitterly disappointed about that.


For those of you who haven’t seen Machete, here’s a fun one minute recap of the entire movie done in claymation.


The Fighter is an excellent film that you should check out. While based on a true story, Hollywood tends to add some creative aspects to certain things. Thanks to some excellent editing work, here’s a side by side comparison between the actual fight and what happened in the movie. For those who haven’t seen it, SPOILERS BEWARE!


You might get to see Tron Legacy in all its 3D glory in theatres but here’s a look at the 8 bit version. I say this is just as fun, though not as visually stunning though. At least the 8 bit version of the Daft Punk soundtrack is still great to listen to.


Patrick Kayln is an animator who has done work for films like Avatar, District 9 and I, Robot. With a budget of $10000, he made a nifty sci-fi short film that’s worth a look. Here’s the plot synopsis:

By 2031, the Earth has exhausted its supply of fossil fuels. With the world on the verge of collapse, nations from around the globe form a coalition called AREN; the ‘Manhattan Project’ of clean self-replenishing energy. When an experiment goes wrong that threatens the world’s existence, David Canterra and a team of elite soldiers are sent on a mission to stop the anomaly. What they find is a mind-bending alternate dimension, and their only way home is through the fabric of time.


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