Entertainment Link-Off: Gives You Hell

Let’s kick off my last go at the entertainment links for the next while with Aly Michalka who stars in some CW show that nobody watches.

Ever wonder where studios get all the cars they feature and/or wreck in their movies? There’s one man that Hollywood prefers for their vehicular mayhem who’s appropriately called Fireball Tim. (Wired)

After the jump, David Prowse ruins The Empire Strikes Back, the cast of Toronto’s Jersey Shore knockoff, a special unofficial X-Men game, and the latest TRON trailer.

Somebody discovered the real reason that George Lucas hates David Prowse. The man in the big black suit spoiled the ending of Empire Strikes Back two years before the film hit theatres. (New York Magazine)

With Harry Potter 7 (or the first half, at least) coming out soon, someone poses a good question about the wizarding world: Do these guys have any functional life skills apart from waving a wand? Can they even read and write at a level considered literate? (Arbesman)

So that Uncharted movie that we’re hoping for slash dreading? Lean it more toward the dreading. Big names are attached but we have no idea how they’ll fit and the plot doesn’t come anywhere close to the game. (Kotaku)

The latest viral video to sweep the web is the one-letter puzzle solve on Wheel of Fortune. Here’s the story of the woman who had a good feeling about that. (Esquire)

Coming soon to Canadian TV (after filming and finding somewhere to air on Canadian TV) is Toronto’s Jersey Shore rip-off, Lake Shore. Unfortunately, it’s extremely un-Canadian. (CBC)

I mentioned in my NHL power rankings that I loved the new take on Sherlock Holmes. Well, here’s a more in depth look at the three episode season of Sherlock. (The Awl)

Edgar Wright was given the run of io9 this week to mark the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on DVD (and Blu-Ray) in North America. Here’s his list of the 10 must-watch movies that inspired SPsTW. (io9)

Tom Cruise jumped off a building this week. But he’s okay because it was a stunt for Mission: Impossible 4. (Gizmodo)

It’s been a rough week to be Jessica Alba. First, nude self-portraits of her were leaked on the internet (nothing special but something we haven’t seen before). Then a screenwriter took her to task about her attitude toward scripts. (John August)

If you were watching this week’s Two and a Half Men, you would have noticed them using the iPhone 4’s FaceTime app. That left them open for a quick potshot… (Engadget)

Not technically a spoiler because the show’s already aired but here’s the moment that kicked off the main storyline this week’s Community. (Julvett)

It’s good to see nerds have a sense of humour about some of their most-beloved franchises. For example, someone created an almost X-rated video game about the X-Men. (Comics Alliance)

James Blunt has a good strategy to help win the war on terror. He’s going to sing the Taliban into submission. (Daily Telegraph) That should work. He’s already done that to the Western world.

Now that all three video game consoles have some sort of motion control, we have a basis of comparison between the three. So which console has the best motion control setup? (Kotaku)

Kim Kardashian is keen to teach kids about plastic. No, not the surgical kind. She means credit cards. (Gizmodo)

How about a quick photo gallery for you? It’s a look at video game covers that don’t really fit with the game it’s covering. (IGN)

And here’s a video we can’t embed. It’s a special Fox News version of Fuck You performed by Cee Lo Green. (Huffington Post)

Here’s the latest official trailer for Tron: Legacy. TRON!!!!!!

Since I’m a big Doctor Who fan, here’s a deleted scene from the most recent season. It fill in the gap between Flesh and Stone (the second part of the Weeping Angels’ episodes) and Vampires of Venice.

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