Entertainment Link-Off: (Not) Full Frontal

Jump starting the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is Dianna Agron from the latest GQ photoshoot. I suppose this fits with the Wednesday Link-Off when Steve featured Agron’s castmate Lea Michele.  After seeing these ‘provocative’ pictures, would you be tuning into the FOX musical comedy on Tuesday nights now?

After the jump, Zack Galifianakis got Galifianakis’ed, sneak peek at Kick Ass 2, Tron Legacy posters galore, Jessica Alba’s fake nude scene, more on the GQ Glee photoshoot that caused an uproar, great movie censoring moments on TV and a new music recommendation of the week.

Zack Galifianakis is known for his hilarious faux talk show Between Two Ferns on Funny or Die. Well seems like he got a taste of his own medicine when Gordon Keith from Good Morning Texas decided to conduct the interview in a similar manner when Galifianakis was out promoting his latest film It’s Kind of A Funny Story. The end result is uncomfortably hilarious. (The Daily Beast)

S0 Kick-Ass didn’t quite light up the box office, so hopes of a big screen sequel is slim. At least Kick-Ass continues to live in its original comic form. Here’s a first look at the first issue of Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall. (Slashfilm)

Daft Punk’s glow in the dark Tron Legacy poster is finally out! Take a look at the animated gif. (First Showing)

This week also marked the release of the latest one sheet for Tron Legacy. Let’s just say it’s a nice throwback to the original poster. (Yahoo)

There’s also a sneak peak into the tie-in video game Tron Evolution. (Collider)

It appears that details about the Alien prequel has leaked online and it sounds somewhat promising. (Slashfilm)

It was reported that Anne Hathaway and James Franco were in talks to take part in the upcoming Alien prequel. However, later on in the week, Franco revealed that he’s a ‘maybe’ when it comes to whether he would take part in the movie. (Movieline)

There were many skeptics out there when Disney bought Marvel. There were also questions as to how these two brands can cross promote with each other. Now wonder no more as our favourite superheroes all just got TRONified. I have to say, these look quite awesome. (Marvel)

This is not news since Jessica Alba already publicly stated that she did not do a nude scene in Machete. Anyway this seems to be generated quite a large reaction from the folks out there… mostly disappointed horny fanboys. The more interesting debate is not whether Alba should have gone nude, but instead it is whether CGI should now be used to replace future nudity in film. (JoBlo)

There are quite a few people that went up in arms with regards to the photoshoot that Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith did for GQ. Why? Because it’s sending a bad message to the kids out there. News flash: Glee isn’t exactly targeted towards kids and the actors are adults already! Heck even the Parent Television Council went as far as calling this “full frontal”. Last I checked, they are still fully clothed… so someone clearly doesn’t know the definition of that term. Take a look at the photos yourself and please tell me these people are crazy. (GQ)

Of course there are some cooler heads out there including Barbara Walters who was the only one on The View that had some common sense. Anyway, Dianna Agron also took a moment to speak out about the negative response. (Entertainment Weekly)

The final season of Friday Night Lights is near! New promo time! (Entertainment Weekly)

Good news came in earlier this week when Chuck got a back 11 order to boost their season total to 24 episodes! Anyway, here’s a nice interview with Captain Awesome Ryan McPartlin as he talks about the additional episodes and the special statue made just for him. (Movieline)

The creators of How I Met Your Mother refused to set an end date, but they talk about the upcoming season and the realization that they’re going to have to spill the beans on the mother eventually. (TV Squad)

It’s several weeks in and Zuckerberg finally weighs in on The Social Network. He praised the film for getting his wardrobe right. That’s about it. (NY Mag)

Here’s a fun list of 50 films for 50 states. (Film.com)

Zoolander animated! (NY Times)

Great moments in movie censorship. Yes, we sometimes have to hide the colourful language from the kids, but sometimes the censoring just doesn’t make any sense. (Gawker)

Just for kicks. Since Conan is moving over the TBS, he is sharing the late night spotlight with comedian George Lopez. This doesn’t seem to be going too well with Lopez, so he pulls a Leno on Conan by stealing his computer with the help of Dog the Bounty Hunter.


New music recommendation of the week. The music video for Cali Cali Cali from singer/songwriter Alyssa Bernal has finally been released. To add to the fun factor, Wong Fu Productions were the ones behind the camera! For fans of Wong Fu, be on the lookout for Phil as well as fellow Youtube artist David Choi in the MV.


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