Wednesday Link-Off: Faking It

Glee was on last night according to Joe Buck. He didn’t mention that Lea Michele is one of the show’s few redeeming qualities.

Remember that Tiger Woods sex tape that no one believed was real? Turns out it’s not real. (Bob’s Blitz)

Suppose that fake Tiger Woods videos aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather watch this hilarious video of PGA golfer Ben Crane working out. (Sports By Brooks)

Fox Sports has done the world a favour by getting rid of their NASCAR theme. Unfortunately, they’ve also gotten rid of the baseball theme. (Fang’s Bites)

After the jump, the future of sports video games, the return of the GIF, and what Raps fans think of Hedo.

Because we can’t get enough of the Dongslinger, here’s a behind the scenes look at his annual retirement drama and the recent textual intercourse (remember, I’m not calling it “sexting” anymore) drama. (Washington Post)

Football purists may not think much of Diego Maradona as a national team manager but don’t tell that to the folks that started up a Church of Maradona. (Out of Bounds)

With NBA 2K11 garnering nearly unprecedented acclaim for a basketball game, here’s a look at the future of sports video games. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Gran Turismo 5 may be delayed for a bit but that doesn’t mean they aren’t teasing bits of the game. Now we have a clear picture and specs of the Red Bull X-1 dream race car. (GT Planet)

Rock Band 3 is going to include pro mode which will teach you how to play an actual instrument. What’s interesting is that there is even a real guitar you can play in the game and with an amp. (Gizmodo)

Top Gear USA just taped its first episode. Here’s what happened. Spoilers ahead, obviously. (The Smoking Tire)

A while back, I ran a video of a shitty stunt that Vanilla Ice did for his new home reno show. Well, here’s the preview of his shitty (I would assume) new show. (Time)

The GIF image is starting to make a comeback and it’s being put to good use. (Slate)

I’m sure you remember but this year is the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Here’s an interview with the visionary behind the best movie in the Star Wars saga Irvin Kershner. (Vanity Fair)

I had to include the full story with this video so here’s a Kentucky high school football team doing their best Cal impression without the band coming out on the field. (Out of Bounds)

Municipal elections are just around the corner in Canada. Folks on YouTube are having some fun with the Winnipeg mayoral race. They’ve resurrected an old viral video to do a mock attack ad on Mayor Sam Katz.

Hedo Turkoglu made his return to Toronto last weekend. One fan decided to let Hedo know what Raps fans thought of him.

What happens when two guys decide to prank the Heathrow Airport PA system? Hilarity.

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