Entertainment Link-Off: Let’s Be Facebook Friends!

It’s that time of the week for another installment of the Entertainment Link-Off. Two highly anticipated movies are released this weekend at the theatres, so it would be a good opportunity for a quasi-movie marathon don’t you think? First up is the vampire flick Let Me In. Then there’s also the unofficial Facebook movie The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie also features Rooney Mara playing Zuckerberg’s ex-girlfriend during his days at Harvard.

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After the jump, an awesome music recommendation, a few articles on The Social Network, Tron Legacy reshoots aren’t exactly a bad thing, alien-related movies galore and there’s a Scott Pilgrim related connection at Wong Fu Productions.

I’m going to kick things off with a music recommendation for the week. Singer/songwriter Clara C from California has just released her debut album The Art In My Heart. The album is filled with fun lighthearted tracks backed with wonderful songwriting and beautiful vocals. It’s definitely worth checking out. Take a listen to her album on her Facebook page. If you like it, show some support and grab a copy! (Facebook)

So the other big film release this week is Let Me In. While many dreaded this film since American remakes are never really that great, Matt Reeve’s adaptation of Let the Right One In has garnered rave reviews. Take a look at an exclusive video interview with Matt Reeves at Slashfilm. (Slashfilm)

Once again, The Hobbit is close to being greenlit. So it’s finally happening this time right? Oh right, MGM is still standing in the way. (LA Times)

Michael Caine was on the BBC lately chatting with Chris Moyles and he revealed his thoughts on the ending to Inception. Take a listen and see whether you agree or disagree with him. (BBC)

Lone Star was the first new show of the fall to get canned. ABC’s My Generation then followed. With the later gone, NBC’s Community is now on the bottom of the Thursday 8 pm timeslot (assuming the CW doesn’t exist). Should we be worried about the show’s future? (Movieline)

While we worry about the fate of the awesome comedy Community, we can also worry about the quality of comedy programming of the future. It appears CBS is using another Twitter account as an inspiration for another sitcom. (The Hollywood Reporter)

I’m currently enjoying my weekly fix of Nikita as I get to see Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca heat up the screens and kick some serious ass. Here’s a nice interview with Maggie Q and she makes an interesting point about being confined to the action star role because of Hollywood’s perception of things. (The TV Addict)

The Social Network is generating a lot of buzz and critical praise at the moment; however the film doesn’t exactly paint the head honcho of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in a flattering light. So what if Mark Zuckerberg decided to write, direct and star in his own version of The Social Network instead? Well you can find out now (well sorta). Take a look at the faux trailer. (Babelgum)

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg has often be compared to or mixed up with Michael Cera. Both men share similar mannerisms at times and do very well as the awkward teen, however Eisenberg’s career is on the upswing while Cera is slowly winding down. Could smart film choices have saved Eisenberg from the slacker fatigue? (Moviefone)

While doing promotional rounds for The Social Network, Justin Timberlake stopped by Jimmy Fallon and did a medley of rap songs with the help of the late night host and The Roots. The man clearly knows how to bring an audience to their feet huh? (NBC)

A few fun facts about The Social Network. 1) Aaron Sorkin actually wanted to direct the movie himself, but David Fincher came in and snatched it away from him. (Entertainment Weekly) 2) Natalie Portman also made a bit of a contribution to the film. (Entertainment Weekly) 3) Also, Jesse Eisenberg’s cousin happens to be employed by Zuckerberg at Facebook. (The Hollywood Reporter)

To debunk any negative rumours, director Joseph Kosinski took some time to explain the reshoots for the upcoming film Tron Legacy. (Collider)

And while we’re on the topic of Tron Legacy, prepare for the motherload of concept art and images from the sci-fi film. (Collider)

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that the Star Wars flicks would be retooled and re-released in theatres in glorious 3D starting in 2012! This might be a good thing since George Lucas’ interest in post-conversion 3D just might save us from another debacle like Clash of the Titans by improving the technology. Anyway, in the meantime, let’s take a look at which scenes from the Star Wars franchise would make great 3D scenes… and also those that probably won’t translate very well. (Moviefone)

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel has hit a road bump. It appears that FOX has never learned from past mistakes when it decided to meddle with others’ creative processes. (Latino Review)

Roland Emmerich still wants to make Independence Day sequels. As long as the quality of the films are not reflective of the atrocious titles, then it should be fine. (MTV)

In other alien related film news, the teaser trailer for I Am Number Four has finally been released. I’m not sure what to think of the film right now but it does have lots of people flying around! Oh and there’s also Dianna Agron, so hurray for eye candy! (Yahoo)

Someday we will suffer from alien movie fatigue… or it can go on endlessly like the vampire thing right now. Anyway, another alien invasion story courtesy of Skyline. Yes, we saw the teaser earlier, now we get a better look at the film with its first official trailer. I see lots of big alien spaceships and large deadly tentacles. Should be a fun flick no?


Jeff Zucker got turfed over at NBC Universal and it looks like he took the news very well.


Just to add to the music recommendation earlier in the post, here’s the official music video for Clara C’s song Offbeat.


Subscribers to Wong Fu Productions on Youtube will not only appreciate the amazing shorts that they make, but will also tune into the weekly installments of Wong Fu Weekends. This week featured a very special guest! She happens to be Canadian and she appeared in one of my favourite films this summer known as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Find out who the actress is by forwarding to 6:25 mark of the video.


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