Entertainment Link-Off: Greendale Rocks!

There aren’t any films opening this weekend that cracked the fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes this weekend. Oliver Stone’s follow-up to Wall Street is a quasi-bust, Zack Snyder’s Legend of the Guardians isn’t getting rave reviews despite funny visuals and You Again starring Kristen Bell is getting drubbed by critics. Perhaps it’s best that we all just stick with TV now that the fall season is in full session.

After the jump, George Lucas is sitting on a pile of cash because of us, a few tidbits on Community, Scott Pilgrim DVD release date, Abigail Breslin has some vocal chops and the alternate opening sequence to Iron Man 2!

If you’re ever wondering how much money we are forking out to George Lucas, here’s a nice infographic to help you figure it out. (Slashfilm)

Emma Stone is a hot commodity right now. With a decent opening weekend for her latest film Easy A, there are plenty of jobs lined up for her. So which would you prefer to see her in? The Spider-Man reboot or the remake of 21 Jump Street? (Variety)

If a film ever enters a new installment in the franchise without its leading actors, you know it’s headed towards a downward spiral. Then again, there are rare cases when the stars do return. Looks like Kate Beckinsale will now reprise her role as Selene in the fourth installment of the Underworld franchise. Yes, the vampire/werewolf saga was never all that great, but Kate in a hot leather outfit and corset is too good to pass up. (CHUD)

For The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo isn’t going to leave it simply to the CGI to create the Hulk, he’s going through with motion capture for the role! (NY Mag)

There were plenty of Easter Eggs thrown into Iron Man 2 and many fans were speculating about them after viewing the film. Now director Jon Favreau confirms them! (Daily Blam)

Fans of Harry Potter rejoice! The new trailer for the final installments of the franchise has been released! (Yahoo)

Kristen Bell is really keen on returning to her role as teen-spy extraordinaire Veronica Mars. She’s even talking about financing the film herself, but it appears making a web series continuation would be a more realistic option at this point. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Community is really extending the TV experience to the net with Twitter accounts for its characters, including one that is a knock at Shit My Dad Says. However, the thing that makes the show stand out is not its tech savvy-ness, it’s the cultural references! Creator Dan Harmon talks about every reference featured in the second season premiere. (NY Mag)

Also, the upcoming Halloween episode sounds like it’s going to be epic! (Entertainment Weekly)

Given that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was a box office dud, it’s no surprise that the DVD will be hitting shops in a relatively short period of time. Mark your calendars folks, November 9 will be the day you can get your hands on the DVD or Blu-ray. (Slashfilm)

Remember the band sketches from Scott Pilgrim movie? Here’s your chance to take a better look at them courtesy of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s flickr account. (Slashfilm)

Supernatural returned on Friday night to kick start its sixth season. While many fans are rejoicing over the return of the show, there are a few that are concerned about the quality of the show now that it’s gone past its original 5 year plan. Creator Eric Kripke and new showrunner Sera Gamble talk about the current season of the little CW show. (Collider)

Bill Lawrence created the awesome medical comedy Scrubs a while ago. Now that his new show Cougar Town is chugging along on TV, it’s time to compare the two shows. It appears they are more similar than you think. (The TV Addict)

FOX’s Lone Star stumbled out of the gate with its series premiere on Monday. The creator of the show is desperate for some eyeballs, so he’s begging everyone to watch the show next week… without really begging. (NY Times)

Then again, the creator of the show is not the only one asking you to tune in. (Collider)

At such a young age, Abigail Breslin already has an impressive list of films under her belt and now she can add singing to her resume! However, don’t look for a record to be released anytime soon. (Spin)

Ryan Reynolds has made quite the jump from TV to film and now he is one of the most sought after actors in the business. It’s time to look at the evolution of Ryan Reynolds. (Moviefone)

Katy Perry’s appearance on Sesame Street has been scratched since certain parents were complaining about her outfit on the show. I suppose the clip feature the songstress and Elmo will forever live on Youtube instead. On the bright side, Elmo is always open for another playdate with her. (NY Times)

It’s time to end the ELO with a series of Youtube clips. First up is a 3-minute alternate opening sequence to Iron Man 2. For those who saw the movie, you would know that a certain clip from the trailer did not make it to the final cut of the movie. Now you can catch it all here!


We always know the kids on Modern Family are up to no good. This time they’re taken over the role of interviewers and decided to interview the adult cast members while on their photoshoot at EW.


There are plenty of folks out there singing Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” since it is pretty much the ultimate love song for the ladies out there. It’s all fine and dandy when you’re attracted to the girl, but what would happen if it has all gone wrong? Horribly wrong!


And finally, for those who missed the season premiere of Community, here’s a follow-up to the Spanish rap La Bibliotheqa. This time it’s the Africa rap featuring the awesome Betty White.


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