2010 Edmonton Indy Wrapup

One weekend every year, the City Centre Airport in Edmonton is host to the elite of North American open-wheel racing (and Milka Duno). Since 2005, the Edmonton Indy had played host to the stars of Champ Car and the Izod IndyCar Series. After an exciting race last week on the streets of downtown Toronto, 25 IndyCars trekked across Canada for the second of two Canadian stops for the Izod IndyCar Series.

Lowdown Live Twitter Blog

5:53 PM – The cars are rolling off for the formation laps at the Edmonton Indy. Will Power will start on pole alongside Helio Castroneves.

5:54 PM – Green flag! Clean through the first turn but Milka Duno spins and stalls in Turn 2.

5:56 PM – Matos off in the rhythm session after Paul Tracy moves him aside. Looks like either a LR flat or broken suspension.
[SM: Just a flat tire.]

6:03 PM – After 8 laps: Paul Tracy is up to 10th while Alex Tagliani is in 20th.

6:04 PM – After 10 laps: The top 5 are running within 4.5 seconds of each other. Simona De Silvestro is in 6th and 6 seconds off 5th.

6:06 PM – By the way, Milka Duno did rejoin the race after spinning. She completed 4 laps before retiring due to handling problems.

6:07 PM – Duno’s fastest lap was 1:10.06 which is about 7.25 seconds off leader Will Power’s fastest lap so far.
[SM: And remember, Milka is on probation until the end of the season for being too slow. So does this mean they’ll finally ban her?]

6:10 PM – Duno’s fastest practice lap time was 1:07.9345. That would have put her 11th (of 14) on the Indy Lights grid.

6:42 PM – After first round of pit stops: Power, Castroneves, Briscoe, Dixon, Franchitti
[SM: Yeah, it got a bit dull there for a bit.]

6:44 PM – Lap 47: Full Course Yellow. Alex Lloyd spins in the esses and brings out the safety car. First caution comes at the halfway mark.

6:50 PM – Lap 50: Simona de Silvestro punted by Viso while racing for 7th. She’s stalled and the caution comes back out.
[SM: Last year, only one full-course caution came out on the final lap.]

6:51 PM – Fuel window is between 25 and 35 laps. Won’t see stops until Lap 60 for those looking to fuel mileage it to the finish.

6:54 PM – Back to green on Lap 53. It’s Power, Castroneves, Briscoe, Dixon, Franchitti. Tracy’s in 7th and Tagliani is 13th.

6:55 PM – Scratch that on Tag. Kanaan spun Tag out of T1 who went into the path of Romancini. They’re both out.
[SM: They made contact on the exit of the turn and Tag spun into the inside wall and was collected by Romancini.]

7:03 PM – Restart on Lap 59. Tracy passes Hunter-Reay for 6th in turn one.
[SM: Not that we saw it or got a replay.]

7:05 PM – Dixon gets by Briscoe for 3rd. Then Franchitti gets by for 4th. Tracy all over the back of the Aussie.

7:08 PM – Takuma Sato pits from 10th. He’s the first to come in for his final pit stop on Lap 63.

7:13 PM – Lap 68: Hunter-Reay is the second of the 10 lead lap cars to blink and head for pit road. He stopped from 7th.

7:15 PM – Lap 70: Tracy stops from 6th. He’s switching from black to red sidewalled tires. PT prefers the blacks so we’ll see how he does.

7:16 PM – Lap 71: Briscoe is the first of the Penske & Ganassi cars in. Goes from blacks to reds.

7:19 PM – Lap 74: Top four of Power, Castroneves, Dixon & Franchitti have yet to stop. Will be last ones of contenders to pit.

7:20 PM – Lap 74: And speak of the devils. All those four are pitting now. They leave as they enter. Power, Helio, Dixon, Dario.
[SM: Power was the only one to go with black sidewalled tires. The rest took fresh reds.]

7:24 PM – Lap 78: Castroneves passes Power for the lead heading into T1. Helio was on the push to pass and outbroke Power.

7:27 PM – Now Dixon has caught Power. Looks like going with the black tires instead of the reds will cost Power the win.

7:27 PM – Top 10 reset w/ 15 to go: Castroneves, Power, Dixon, Franchitti, Briscoe, Tracy, Hunter-Reay, Sato, Moraes, Viso

7:33 PM – After 85 laps, Castroneves is pulling away from Power. Power, Dixon & Franchitti are covered by 1.7 seconds fighting for 2nd.

7:36 PM – 7 laps to go: De Silvestro stops in the rhythm section and brings out a full-course caution. Will make for an exciting finish.
[SM: The team said she was out of fuel. I’m guessing there was a problem during refuelling.]

7:41 PM – Restart with 3 to go. Power loses 2nd to Dixon while trying to get by Helio in T1.
[SM: Power ran wide on the exit and Dixon slid up the inside into turn two for the position.]

7:43 PM – Hunter-Reay gets by Tracy after PT finds the grass while racing with Briscoe for 5th.

7:43 PM – Last lap! Castroneves is black flagged for blocking Power on the restart. Helio isn’t coming in and will run to finish and protest.

7:45 PM – Checkered flag! We don’t really know who won. Helio crosses line first but is penalized. Dixon wins the Edmonton Indy… Maybe.

7:46 PM – Race control says that Helio changed lanes on approach to T1 on the restart. Replay doesn’t indicate a block.
[SM: The consensus of the drivers is that is was a block. They know who butters their bread.]

7:47 PM – Helio did move a bit to the left from the inside but did not impede Power. Helio is out of the car and absolutely livid.

7:48 PM – Helio leaps from his car and yells at an official. He charges to the flagstand & gives them a piece of his mind.
[SM: He also grabbed the head of security’s shirt. That will likely get him in trouble.]

7:51 PM – Unofficial results: Dixon, Power, Franchitti, Briscoe, Hunter-Reay, Tracy, Moraes, Viso, Sato, Castroneves. Tagliani was 23rd.
[SM: Helio was put to last on the lead lap for not serving his black flag penalty for blocking.]

7:56 PM – Castroneves to VS: “I have nothing to say except talk to my attorneys.” Follow up is answered with a snappy “I’m being sarcastic.”

8:01 PM – If there will be a change in the results, we won’t find out tonight.
[SM: Actually, head IndyCar race steward Brian Barnhart says that the penalty won’t be overturned. Can we get Tony Cotman in charge of race control like the good old days of Champ Car? People liked and respected him.]

Tweets From Drivers

Ryan Briscoe (@RyanBriscoe6) – Long day but happy to bring it home. I nicked the wall on about lap 5 and bent my left rear toe-link making a long 90 laps to finish! Back in the bus and all good between Will and Helio talking it out. Haven’t seen the incidents but it’s a shame Team Penske didn’t win.

Justin Wilson (@JustinWilson22) – Long day today after the rear damper issue. Z-Line Design car was quick even with 2 totally different rear shock on it. On to Mid-Ohio now

Tomas Scheckter (@tomasscheckter) – tough race broke front wing on lap 7. never got it back was a survival race. was tougher mentally and physically than 2 indy 500 in a row. only thing made my day better whilst sitting in car trying to get out, seeing helio go insane on everyone.

Alex Lloyd (@alex_lloyd) – Crazy day. Rear wing broke so had no rear downforce for half race then got hit from behind again from Danica. Car was decent at the end tho

Paul Tracy (@paultracy3) – Had a great run today , but I’m more happy with u fans raising 112k for make a wish , you guys are the best .. Thank you

Alex Tagliani (@tagliani) – I didn’t give TK to much hard time early on, my car was under steering a lot, I was very surprise about the hit I thought I left him lot’s a room. Anyway it’s what it is. Just a long wait until Mid-Ohio.

Tony Kanaan (@TonyKanaan) – @tagliani sorry my friend, it was totally unintentional.


  1. #9 Scott Dixon
  2. #12 Will Power
  3. #10 Dario Franchitti
  4. #6 Ryan Briscoe
  5. #37 Ryan Hunter-Reay
  6. #15 Paul Tracy
  7. #32 Mario Moraes
  8. #8 E.J. Viso
  9. #5 Takuma Sato
  10. #3 Helio Castroneves
  11. #26 Marco Andretti (-1 lap)
  12. #11 Tony Kanaan (-1 lap)
  13. #2 Raphael Matos (-1 lap)
  14. #36 Bertrand Baguette (-1 lap)
  15. #7 Danica Patrick (-1 lap)
  16. #14 Vitor Meira (-2 laps)
  17. #06 Hideki Mutoh (-2 laps)
  18. #19 Alex Lloyd (-3 laps)
  19. #24 Tomas Scheckter (-5 laps)
  20. #4 Dan Wheldon (-5 laps)
  21. #22 Justin Wilson (-7 laps)
  22. #78 Simona De Silvestro (-8 laps, Out of fuel)
  23. #77 Alex Tagliani (-43 laps, Contact)
  24. #34 Mario Romancini (-43 laps, Contact)
  25. #18 Milka Duno (-91 laps, “Handling”)

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