Entertainment Link-Off: Nerding It Up

Lowdown Blog readers should know that I usually just base the title of the ELO’s on a certain theme or ‘big ticket item’ of the weekend. Just to clarify, the title of the previous Entertainment Link-Off does not represent my interpretation of the film Inception. However I would like to point out that Inception is indeed a fantastic film, so go out and see it when you get the chance.

Kicking off this entry is Eva Mendes. Apparently she got some teenage boys really excited during The Other Guys panel on Friday.

In this slightly condensed version of the ELO, some additional Comic-Con related links, a nice Inception guide and the rise and fall of 3D movies.

Since I can’t cover everything going on at Comic-Con, expect a some links containing some interesting tidbits on the events going on in San Diego this weekend.

First up is JJ Abrams talking about how the ‘Super 8’ project came to life. (Slashfilm)

Predators wasn’t exactly a hit, but it performed decently at the box office and the fan response was fairly warm. Now that it’s labelled a ‘success’, Robert Rodriguez now has a sequel in the works. (IGN)

The film adaptation of World War Z is really happening! I’m not too sure I’m happy with the choice for the lead role, but I’m also sure there aren’t going to be many complaints about it either. (MTV)

For those looking for Sucker Punch related eye candy, take a look at these banners. (Slashfilm) I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced I want to see this movie.

Ashley Eckstein, wife of San Diego Padres shortstop David Eckstein, has decided to create a Star Wars centric clothing line to help the ladies out at Comic-Con this year. (Sports Radio Interviews) Of course, there are alternative methods like dressing up as random characters for example.

This was mentioned in the Friday roundup but Eva Mendes has a thing for teenage boys. (Movieline) Well I would like to point out that many people think that I look 16. Perhaps I have a shot.

Once again, there’s a new Chuck poster released in celebration of Comic-Con. This year, it’s a tribute to War Games. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Now that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s character’s name is revealed, it’s time to speculate who she’ll actually play in the upcoming Transformers movie. (JoBlo)

Getting the Pixar touch seems to the new fad lately, even the Muppets are up for it! (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Inception making rounds at the theatres right now, the new hot topic is ‘dreams’. The cast and some of the crew members discuss about their dreaming experiences… or lack thereof. (Entertainment Weekly)

Confused about Inception despite seeing the film multiple times in theatres already? Perhaps a look at the Inception mega post should help you. *spoilers beware* (Oh No They Didn’t @ Livejournal)

This is a bit of a long read, but it’s a nice look at the rise (and maybe fall) or the use of 3D technology in film nowadays. (The Wrap)

No Youtube video this week! *gasp* Like I said, this is a shortened version of the ELO. This will be back in true form next week when all the craziness from Comic-Con settles down.

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