Entertainment Link-Off: The Clash Begins

Happy Easter Saturday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never called this day Easter Saturday, but apparently the Aussies do. Anyway, kicking off this link-off is Sharni Vinson. No she’s not in the movie Clash of the Titans (out this weekend), but she’ll be taking part in a clash of her own this summer in Step Up 3D.

After the jump a few April Fool’s related items, the writer of Battlefield Earth apologizes to all moviegoers, some movie trailers to check out and the Muppets celebrate Easter by eating bunny rabbits.

On April Fools Day, there are plenty of websites doing some ridiculous things to generate a laugh. For those who weren’t searching the net looking for these gags, here are a few highlights from that day. (io9)

In my personal opinion, I still think that the best one of the day is when Joel McHale decided to hack Ryan Seacrest’s website. (Entertainment Weekly) See folks? This guy is funny. Now go watch Community.

Nathan Fillion would like to fight you with a lightsaber. (Entertainment Weekly)

Awesome t-shirt alert. For fans of Dexter and um… Dexter’s Laboratory, here’s an interesting mash-up for you! (Collider)

If you thought The Twilight Saga was done, think again. Stephanie Meyer is continuing to milk the big cash cow her vampire series by writing a spin-off novel based on a character she introduced and killed off within 10 pages of her third book Eclipse. Now what were the two words I’m looking for to summarize what happens in this series? Oh right, nothing happens. (MTV)

The screenwriter who did Battlefield Earth apologizes for being part of one of the crappiest movies of all time. Unfortunately it’s too little too late. Perhaps his original version of the script was better, but we’ll never know since the final product has Scientology written all over it. (NY Post)

Check out the killer advertising campaign from Burger King. Umm… no pun intended. (Worst Previews)

Battles are going on everywhere in Hollywood. On Halloween, it’s the clash of two unnecessary horror sequels: Paranormal Activity 2 vs. Saw 3642353 7. (Latino Review)

George Lopez made some tweets about Lindsay Lohan, so she decides to fight back by appearing on his show. Well, whatever helps bring out more media exposure. (E! Online) Smart attempt by Lopez to get her on his show, too bad Steve’s attempts have failed to land her on The Lowdown.

Kal Penn is returning for the third installment of Harold and Kumar? (Deadline)

Clash of the Titans is expected to top the box office this weekend, so it’s not surprise that sequel talks have already started. (Movie Web)

The feature of this week’s Hot or Not on JoBlo is Gemma Arterton. (JoBlo)

Remakes are the rage in Hollywood. This year, it’s not just remakes. Apparently whatever was cool back in the 80s is in! (London Free Press)

I felt a little underwhelmed by the Iron Man 2 trailer, but after taking a look at the poster, I think I’m suddenly very interested in the film once again. (Screen Crave)

M. Night Shaymalan tries to defend his ummm… casting choices in The Last Airbender. (Slashfilm) I don’t think his argument was all that great.

It’s been another good week for trailers, so it’ll be nice to check out the previews for films that will be hitting theatres sometime this year! First up is Step Up 3D! Okay, so it’s a film that no one really expect to get the 3D treatment, but I can see how it works. The trailer does give away certain 3D worthy moments. Oh it also has the ‘Other Asian!’, I mean Mike Chang in it. He’s doing awesome work on Glee and LXC, so this film might be worth watching after all. (Trailer Addict) Is it just me or did Sharni sorta look like Briana Evigan from Step Up 2?

The trailer for The Expendables have finally hit the net. The biggest buzz surrounding it was the fact that Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Ah-nold would be sharing some screen time together. Unfortunately, I think it’s been spoiled in the clip provided. (Yahoo)

Another big budget action movie that’s coming out this summer is The A-Team. Here’s the new trailer for your enjoyment. (Apple)

How about the Red Band trailer for MacGruber where it features him saying some more inappropriate stuff. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Speaking of movie trailers, perhaps the distribution of Red Band trailers online isn’t really stopping kids from watching them after all. In fact, it might be encouraging them to check them out! (Slashfilm)

Bad news Friday Night Lights fans. Season 4 has been pushed back a week by NBC. Looks like your weekly FNL fix won’t start until May 7th. (Screen Rant)

Every year Kristin Dos Santos at E! does the Save One Show campaign. It might not be 100% effective, but I’m sure it did help save certain shows from cancellation in the past. Now The TV Addict breaks down the list for you so that you know which show still has a shot at coming back for another season (so don’t waste your votes on a doomed show). (The TV Addict) Oh who am I kidding, you should all vote for Chuck.

Mo Ryan got a chance to sit down with Chris Fedak to talk about the current season of Chuck and its future prospects. If you want the show to come back for season 4, simply tune into the remaining episodes of the season! That’s all. Chris also makes a subtle reference for you to go eat at Subway to show some support. (Chicago Tribune)

I’m sure you all remember the amazing Muppets viral videos including Bohemian Rhapsody and Ringing of the Bells. They’re back again. This time they did a cover of Stand By Me. Take a look at the video below. Hmm, why do I get the feeling this clip isn’t targeted for kids?


Yvonne Strahovski appeared on Attack of the Show earlier this week to plug Chuck and maybe the intimate scene in Mass Effect 2. It was a great interview until Chris Hardwick messed up the network that the show airs on.


Well since Starbucks is not banning people from bringing guns into their shops in open carry states, buying a coffee there just got a bit more dangerous. Allow Jimmy Kimmel to demonstrate this during standoff at Starbucks.


In anticipation of the new Tron sequel, let’s take a look back at the original film from 1982. Perhaps it’s a good idea to give the original trailer of Tron a revamp to get people pumped about the film. Check out this amazing 2010 update fanmade trailer.



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