Super Bowl Link-Off

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Around 6:15 PM, we’ll start the 60 minute battle that determines who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. But let’s start this post with Super Bowl WAG Kim Kardashian.

The Who are the halftime show at the Super Bowl but there is a history of counter-programming the halftime show. However, some alternate halftime shows are better than others. (Esquire)

No Super Bowl would be complete without getting completely and utterly shitfaced. You’re likely not going to need the help in that department but if you need a drinking game, this is the one for you. (Ted Lilly Fan Club)

Everyone wants to make the Super Bowl but cows want to be in the big game too. Actually, they probably don’t seeing as they’d have to be dead to make it. But if you were a cow, what are your chances of making the Super Bowl. (Last Angry Fan)

After the jump, scads more of Super Bowl and football links.

If you don’t have any heavy drinking/partying stories of your own, here’s a good one from this week on South Beach. (Miami Herald)

And I’m not saying that all celebrity partying will end with prostitutes being employed but they’re in for a hell of a payday during Super Bowl week. (The Big Lead)

Watch out for the broadcasting clichés of doom. I never used #1 but I used #4 quite a bit. (USA Today)

Based on some of the articles ESPN is filing for its website, I could write more informative articles while asleep… And drunk… And possible while dead. (Deadspin)

And speaking of ESPN, they have the first wardrobe malfunction of the weekend. The world is a far worse place for it. (Deadspin)

Canada will actually have its own Super Bowl ad instead of just CTV show promos. Budweiser (who else) even hired a Canadian band for it. (CBC)

More CanCon! There is a Canadian on the Colts roster in tonight’s big game. You can find him on this handy map of where all the players are from. (Simon on Sports)

Speaking of ads, Tim Tebow will be in a Super Bowl ad tonight. There was talk of his pro-life spot being rejected and there was some truth to that. Tonight’s ad was idea #4. (National Lampoon)

Madden 10 says that the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl. That would be notable if the simulation wasn’t run by a New Orleans newspaper that probably ran their simulation at least 50 times. (Times-Picayune)

Mind you, EA Sports says the Saints will win as well. At least they have some credibility but they have Reggie Bush scoring a touchdown which is actually literally impossible. (EA Sports)

Everybody drinks while watching the Super Bowl but it’s not the biggest day for drinking in a year. (CNBC)

What if the likes of Tarantino and Lynch were at the helm of the Super Bowl TV production truck? Well, wonder no more. I like the idea of a David Lynch Super Bowl.

And for all everyone says about the Super Bowl being all about the ads, they can no longer be appeased. Terry Tate is the be all and end all of Super Bowl ads.

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