Toronto Indy Wrapup and Retweets

Open-wheel racing returned with a bang to Exhibition Place in Toronto. The IndyCar Series brought 23 cars to the show including Canadian heroes Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani. The whole race was exciting from start to finish and there were some wild moments throughout. I was live tweeting the event so here’s a look at some of tweets and analysis from this afternoon’s race.

1:02 PM – Danica-mania hits Toronto. Can the IRL’s next top model get a good finish from 18th? Can I listen to Marty Reid for a whole race… [cont]

1:04 PM – [cont]… without killing myself? Is there a better name than Will Power? Stay tuned to find out.
[SM: The answers are “on strategy”, “barely”, and “no.”]

1:06 PM – Love how ABC pretends Champ Car never existed. Says Power has “2 career open-wheel starts at T.O.” Say Champ Car. The split is over.

1:13 PM – Gene Simmons is the grand marshal for Toronto Indy. What has he ever done for the IRL? “I Am Indy” has done nothing for IRL.
[SM: He also gave the command to start the Honda engines. That will go over well with the Canadians who build Hondas but I doubt it would be fondly received in the US. Also, Simmons was in charge of promoting the ICS. He created the “I Am Indy” campaign, wrote a song by the same name, and hasn’t done much else.]

1:22 PM – Garbage start to the race. Should have yellowed it and had them try again.
[SM: Power collided with Graham Rahal. Power’s tire was cut, debris was on the track and Dario got a jump on the field.]

1:29 PM – From the blimp cam, you can see BMO Field just outside Turn 9. BTW, Marty Reid’s idea of a beautiful view is the roof of a warehouse.

2:28 PM – About 29 laps to go and Tracy is running 2nd to Castroneves. PT is the faster car and on fresher tires. Looks good right now.
[SM: Officials corrected this seconds later by putting Dario Franchitti in front of PT. They said something about timing and scoring giving Dario the position even though PT passed Dario while he was sitting in pit lane. PT’s owner Jimmy Vasser wasn’t impressed with the explanation.]

2:37 PM – Canada’s Public Enemy #1: Helio Castroneves. Ran PT into the wall & took him out of the race. Helio is getting booed out of the country.
[SM: Marty Reid tried covering for Helio by saying that the wheel was jerked out of Helio’s hands when they banged wheels before he squeezed PT into the wall. An ABC/ICS apologist, he is. Also, I’m as big a jinx as Murray Walker was in his prime.]

2:39 PM – Now there’s an “Helio sucks!” chant. God bless Canada.
[SM: Helio suggested that Canadians remembered the finish to the 2002 Indy 500 where PT passed Helio but was denied the win on a timing and scoring technicality. Exactly what led to this incident.]

2:53 PM – Now Tagliani got into Scheckter. Scheckter stuck around & threw his gloves at Tag. He waited another lap for a 2nd go but was led away.
[SM: Tag outbroke himself heading into Turn 3. He took out Scheckter and touched Mario Moraes but Moraes continued on. Tag didn’t “kamikaze” them as Marty Reid would have you believe.]

3:04 PM – Dario Franchitti wins Toronto Indy. A well timed pit stop & timing technicality kept him up front. Don’t think he passed anyone all day.

3:05 PM – Scratch that. He did pass Helio for the lead. One pass on track all day. But he only needed one.
[SM: It was a popular win at the very least. Dario was good friends with the late Greg Moore, a Canadian racing hero. Any friend of Greg’s will always be a Canadian hero.]

3:15 PM – Better late than never ABC shows Moraes & Viso getting collected after the checkered flag. Both claim the other wrecked them.

3:16 PM – From the replay, it looks like Moraes wrecked Viso but I’d like another look.

Retweets From Drivers

Mario Moraes (@mariomoraesindy) – What a race … Cars blocking each other ….. Why we have drivers meeting ???

Tomas Scheckter (@tomasscheckter) – We had good run going. Pity at end I thought I would give my gloves to tag.

Tomas Scheckter (@tomasscheckter) – Just wanna thank my monavie crew for giving me a great car and good stops. Also want apologize to my fans for throwing gloves.
[SM: This tweet was posted 30 minutes after the first.]

Scott Dixon (@scottdixon9) – Good run for Team Target today at Toronto – Scott in 4th, Dario with the win. Dario moves up to 1st – 2pts ahead of Scott in the standings.

Paul Tracy (@paultracy3) –after seeing it on tv i have mixed emotions , looked like hilio turned right befor the left . but its over now . the call on moving dario infront of me was b.s as well . but i must find the positives from the race , no matter how bumbed i am , i was back to racing near the level where i think i can win . i need to work harder with the team to get the car good for me in qualifying . in the races i know i can do the job . i hope we can put somthing together for next year . the kv team is great , we just need more time . and we will win !!!!
[SM: This was a series of four tweets.]

Ryan Hunter-Reay (@RyanHunterReay) – Back in top 10 with 7th today, ran pretty well all day,pit strategy in the end didn’t work out for us, could have been as high as 3rd or 4th

Tony Kanaan (@TonyKanaan) – Dont know what say guys. Again it will get better I promisse. Thanks for all your support. Love you all


  1. #10 Dario Franchitti
  2. #6 Ryan Briscoe
  3. #12 Will Power
  4. #9 Scott Dixon
  5. #18 Justin Wilson
  6. #7 Danica Patrick
  7. #14 Ryan Hunter-Reay
  8. #26 Marco Andretti
  9. #34 Alex Tagliani
  10. #2 Rafael Matos
  11. #5 Mario Moraes
  12. #27 Hideki Mutoh
  13. #13 E.J. Viso
  14. #4 Dan Wheldon
  15. #20 Ed Carpenter (-2 laps)
  16. #23 Tomas Scheckter (DNF)
  17. #11 Tony Kanaan (DNF)
  18. #3 Helio Castroneves (DNF)
  19. #15 Paul Tracy (DNF)
  20. #02 Graham Rahal (DNF)
  21. #98 Richard Antinucci (DNF)
  22. #24 Mike Conway (DNF)
  23. #06 Robert Doornbos (DNF)

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