Program an Episode of The Lowdown

The Lowdown radio show is currently broadcasting its best moments from the past season. We’re including some of the funniest and most memorable moments from the last eight months of episodes. But that doesn’t quite work at Lowdown HQ. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to program our final episode of the “Best of The Lowdown.”

Below, we have two polls that you can vote on. One has a list of feature segments we ran over the season while the other has some promos that we played. In case you missed anything on the list, we have descriptions of each segment or promo.

Feature Segments

Tour of Campus – Steve goes through the UWO campus and examines buildings that frosh will never go into. His stops on the tour include the Law Building, D.B. Wheldon Library, the Ivey Building, the Thames Hall to Spencer Engineering tunnel, the Thompson Engineering building, and the then under construction Campus Rec Centre.

Clubs Week – Steve dropped in on the club displays at the UCC to visit some of the more interesting or lesser known clubs. He mocks the Leafs, tries to start a fight between the two campus debate clubs, talks cricket, and discusses porn.

Homecoming – This was originally aired as a two-part feature segment. Steve previews the parade floats being built. The Enge goes to the parade itself while Steve goes to the tailgate. At the game, Steve teams up with David Alter and Ethan Rabidoux to call the game and The Enge caps the day by going to the dance.

Failed Pickup Lines – Steve and Jackie head to the bars to see if there is such a thing as a perfect pickup line. This didn’t go well, especially for Steve.

Cooking Lessons – Jackie explains how to properly cook fried rice. Steve decides that he knows better than Jackie and tries to find a short cut to making fried rice.

Lowdown Music Special – Steve wants to know how hard it can be to host a music block on CHRW. So he drags Jackie along to host a late night music block. Nothing seems to go right. Steve can’t work the equipment, the songs requested were horrible, and the interviewee they lined up was drunk.

Songs of Your Life – Jackie puts all of life’s major event to song. From start to finish and some of the odder points in between, Jackie has it covered.


Vote as many times as you want and tune in for our special Listeners’ Choice episode of The Lowdown on July 21st at 6:30 PM. You can find it on the radio on 94.9FM CHRW in London, ON and online at


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