Wednesday Link-Off: July 4th, 2012

I’m actually shocked that we have a linkdump for you today. After all, most blogs take the week of Independence Day off. But since it’s Independence Day, here’s American model Erin Heatherton.

Let’s start off with some news in the world of sports media. Erin Andrews is making the jump from ESPN to Fox Sports. She’s already drawn assignments for the MLB All-Star Game and playoffs, NCAA football and NFL football. (Sports Illustrated)

With all the free agent moves in the media this year, one this is very clear. ESPN talent is jumping ship faster than they can replace it. (Awful Announcing)

Summer blockbuster season is well underway. With all the costs of making and marketing movies, how exactly are studios able to be profitable? (New York Times)

After the jump, more on sports media, how to make it big on YouTube and Star Wars viral videos. Continue reading

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Sunday Link-Off: Missing The Mark

Around here, we like to keep you apprised of the latest Canadian talent. The latest up-and-comer is Michea Crawford. And it’s pretty easy to see that she’s going to be in our 2013 Hottest Canadian bracket.

As a robot, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper has trouble grasping such things as distasteful comments and facts. He accused the NDP of being pro-Hitler in 1939. That was a fabrication because the NDP didn’t exist until 1961. Anyway, the Canadian people weren’t willing to let him get away with such a ridiculous statement. (CBC News)

Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream is up for sale this week. It’s estimated auction value is over $80 million. (Wall Street Journal)

ESPN is so busy trying to seem like a proper bunch of journalists that they’re forgetting basic journalistic principles. A recent report suggests that ESPN has no actual evidence that the New Orleans Saints wiretapped other teams. (Awful Announcing)

After the jump, how the NBA and WWE are similar, how husbands/wives feel about movie sex scenes and a Star Wars lip dub. Continue reading

Star Wars Identities Posters

Today marks the opening of a special exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre. The Star Wars Identities exhibit examines the characters of various characters in the Star Wars universe with a particular focus on Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s journeys through the two movie trilogies.

To advertise the opening of this exhibit, Canadian ad agency Bleublancrouge was commissioned to create special character portraits to promote the exhibition. After the jump, we have the complete collection of Star Wars Identities posters. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: That Indie Spirit

I’ve never heard of Emily Ratajkowski before (apparently she’s an actress in addition to being a model) and clearly that’s a massive oversight.

When the most popular wrestler in the WWE is Daniel Bryan and the least popular is John Cena, you know that independent wrestling is slowly taking over the major pro wrestling landscape. (Grantland)

We all know about The Masters tournament thanks to the many poetic stories from golf scribes and the endless TV coverage of the event but here’s the real story of Augusta during Masters Week. (The Awl)

Depending on the day of the week, ESPN’s Skip Bayless is either a troll or a moron. So it’s nice when an ESPN employee takes Skip down on his own show. (Awful Announcing)

After the jump, what scares Ilya Bryzgalov, which parts to buy for your desktop and we’re riding Solo… Han Solo, that is. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Okay, the Star Wars Episode I 3D premiere was two weeks ago but that doesn’t mean that we can’t run scads of Star Wars links today. Let’s kick off with Cris Urena. She wasn’t in Star Wars but she is out of this world… I’ll show myself out.

For a while in the early 2000s, BlackBerry was the biggest name in smartphones and mobile devices. Then the iPhone happened. This is the story of the RIM’s downfall. (The Verge) In all seriousness, BlackBerry will be a case that will be used in business school strategy classes for years to come.

CM Punk apparent feud isn’t some publicity stunt but rather a legitimate beef with a woman beater who acts entitled because of a Grammy. (Hot 97FM)

Remember that fish that ended up on the ice in the Toronto/Vancouver game last weekend? The perpetrator did it as a tribute to his son. (Off The Bench)

After the jump, scads of Star Wars links, details on Mass Effect 3 and what if somebody had a hand in The Phantom Menace other than George. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Valentine’s Hangover

Valentine’s Day is over and most guys are very much poorer as a result. Single guys, however, can pick up the pieces because they have money. Anyway, here’s Kate Upton from her SI Swimsuit cover shoot (like you guys would let us get away with anything else).

Jeremy Lin came to Canada last night to do battle with the Raptors. But just what is Linsanity? The New Yorker examines why he’s become an overnight sensation. (The New Yorker)

Mr. Hilary Duff Mike Comrie has announced that he is retiring after yet another hip surgery. It’s been an odd journey for the heir to a Canadian furniture store empire. (Puck Daddy)

The CBC has launched CBC Music which is a free streaming music service designed to compete with the Spotifys of the world. The third song I heard was Rush so I like it. (CBC News)

After the jump, the best WWE Raw of the year, Ahmed Best thinks Jar-Jar could’ve been loved and Commander Shepard is still alive. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: The Cold of Winter

Now that football season is over, we’re stuck in the middle of nothing right now. No good movies are going to come out for the next three months. We’re left with NBA to fill Sundays. And the racing season is still a couple of weeks away. But at least we have Reese Witherspoon to warm things up here.

The legendary William Shatner is bringing his one-man show to Broadway. He talked to Rolling Stone about his new show but sadly didn’t sing… yet. (Rolling Stone)

The FBI released their file on Apple founder Steve Jobs. It turns out that a lot of the man’s supposed friends thought he was a bit of a crook. (Gawker)

George Lucas just doesn’t get it any more. He says that Greedo always shot first but it was confused because of close-ups in the 1977 version. (Badass Digest) Not only does he not grasp dialogue but he doesn’t really understand his own characters. Now Han isn’t a badass but lucky that Greedo is the worst shot in the galaxy.

After the jump, why the Nielsen ratings system is broken, more Phantom Menace stuff and how to really remove ads from YouTube videos. Continue reading

Star Wars Uncut

When George Lucas commissioned the 1997 Special Edition updates to the original Star Wars trilogy (which opened in theatres 15 years ago today), he did so to improve the special effects of the film using modern technology so it looked closer to his original vision. When former Vimeo developer Casey Plugh commissioned his Star Wars project, he wanted to bring together Star Wars’ most die-hard fans to crowd source a tribute to the great original version of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in Star Wars Uncut. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Pushed to the Edge

This weekend marks the release of 3 new major releases at the theatres. There’s Liam Neeson kicking some wolf ass in The Grey. Sam Worthington wants to jump off the ledge of a building. Oh there’s also a new Katherine Heigl movie. Yeah, we all cringed at the thought of that. Anyway, I was considering to start off the ELO with Yvonne Strahovski since last night was the series finale of Chuck. Then I realized I haven’t featured Mekenna Melvin during the show’s run since she appeared as Casey’s daughter Alex. So let’s kick off this week’s ELO with her!

After the jump, Chuck season 5 blooper reel, Pat Sajak was drunk behind the wheel but wasn’t charged for DUI, Oscars suck, new tidbit on The Hobbit, the return of Ferris Bueller and listen to Joseph Gordon-Levitt cover The Beatles! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Less Talk, More Action

It’s all about action this weekend at the box office. You can catch George Lucas’ passion project WWII flick Red Tails starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. There’s also Gina Carano’s acting debut in Haywire. Of course, for those who are fans of seeing Kate Beckinsale with blue contacts and in a tight black corset outfit, Underworld: Awakening is at a theatre near you. The Underworld films have never been great, but somehow Kate Beckinsale does the trick when it comes to drawing me to the theatre, so let’s kick start the ELO with her.

After the jump, a SOPA infographic, a few movie trailers to see, news on some possible movie sequels, Chuck Norris may have ruined The Expendables, Rachel Bilson displays her rapping chops and you should join “The Bark Side”. Continue reading