Sunday Link-Off: The Unsilent Minority

angie-harmon-artofelysium15-01You know what the hardest part of doing my semi-weekly linkdump is? Coming up with unique titles that summarize the general theme of the links without being overly specific and time-sensitive. It’s harder than it looks when you’ve been doing two linkdumps a week for 6+ years while trying not to repeat titles.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s go a little off the board and start this post with Angie Harmon.

You either love or hate President Obama. That very well could change when he leave office. (The Atlantic)

Which countries search for porn the most on Google? Six of the top eight porn Googling countries are Muslim states. Makes you think. (Salon)

The Academy Award nominations were announced earlier this week. The problem is that the Academy hasn’t gotten any better with recognizing anyone who isn’t white. (Al Jazeera America)

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Sunday Link-Off: Welcome to 2015

robin-holzken-beachbunny14-01It’s time for the first set of Sunday links of 2015. I’m a bit busy this week so I’m not going to guarantee what will be coming up this week apart from our review of the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. I’m working on a whole pile of video game reviews for et geekera so expect them here in the near future too. I’m hoping to get back into long form writing in 2015 so we’ll see what that brings us too.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Since it’s a new year, let’s start with a new face on the blog. Here’s Dutch model Robin Holzken.

Happy 2015 everyone! Here’s a whole host of law changes that have come into effect in Canada already. (CBC News)

I think I’ve mentioned this a few times but there’s a federal election in Canada this fall. Right now, there’s no clear-cut frontrunner. (MacLean’s)

You thought your job was miserable at Christmas? Try working at Amazon. (Gawker)

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Sunday Link-Off: You Survived Christmas

kate-bock-maxim14-02We’ve gotten through Christmas, more or less, and have survived, again, more or less. Christmas survival is made a lot easier thanks to alcohol. It sure helps with putting up with relatives. Anyway, this is our second-to-last set of links of the year. We’ll be saving the year-in-review links for the December 31st links so it’s steady as she goes for today’s post.

So it’s time for the post-Christmas slash pre-New Year’s links. Here’s Canadian model Kate Bock.

A Syrian boy was stuck between a rock and hard place in dealing with ISIS so he volunteered to become a suicide bomber and surrendered himself to security forces to protect his family. (New York Times)

The Beer Store has managed to dodge any public pressure stemming from the revelations about how their monopoly is hurting the consumer. That’s probably because of the power of their lobbying efforts. (Toronto Star)

There is a conflict brewing in the city of New York between the NYPD, the mayor and the people of the city. (Talking Points Memo)

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Sunday Link-Off: Christmas Shopping Scramble

alyssa-barbara-14-01I know that malls and such are open for the next three days but this is the last real chance that most people will get to go shopping for Christmas presents. I lucked out because I only had four or so shops to run to yesterday so my day wasn’t too bad. Funnily enough, there were more people at the liquor store yesterday than at the mall. I can understand. I need booze to deal with my relatives too.

So a couple of hours late, it’s time for the Sunday links. To kick things off, here’s Canadian model Alyssa Barbara. You know, I’m thinking of bringing back the old Hottest Canadian bracket in 2015. I think she’d fit right into the top 32.

We’re nearly two years from the start of another Presidential campaign and already we’re having fact checking issues at big publications. The NYT, for example, already attempted a derail of the Clinton campaign with a poorly fact-checked story. (Media Matters)

Jeb Bush is thinking about making a run for the White House. After Bush 43, would America even consider a Bush 45? (Vice)

Great news! Science says that moderate alcohol consumption helps boost your immune system. (Mother Jones)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Report

elizabeth-henstridge-gqmoty14-01The Newsroom catches a lot of flak, mostly from TV critics and Republicans, but it does illustrate an important point. Where would society be without news media doing actual reporting? Social media and crowdsourced reporting will only get you so far. Today’s link show the importance of a healthy fourth estate.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Since Agents of SHIELD wrapped up its first half last night, here’s Elizabeth Henstridge.

Have you wondered why beer prices are so terrible in Ontario? The Brewers’ Retail, AKA The Beer Store, has an amazing sweetheart deal with the Government of Ontario that gives them a ridiculously powerful legislated monopoly over beer sales. (Toronto Star)

The US Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the CIA’s torture practices. Here are seven key takeaways from it. (New York Times)

Fifty-four other countries, including Canada, were involved in a CIA program that ran alongside the torture program. They may not have been involved with the actual torture but it seems a bit close for comfort. (Vox)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Sick Leave

alessandra-ambrosio-lui14-05So I thought I was getting over that little flu or whatever I had this weekend and I started Monday by eating half a piece of toast and losing my breakfast. I think that actually helped me get better because it’s been steady improvement since then. If only the winter weather was so cooperative.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and I’m under the weather so it’s time for some abbreviated links. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

Bill Cosby was recently accused of sexual assault. Interviews with him are getting awkward now. (NPR)

Are the Republicans using Twitter to get around muddy election laws? (CNN)

And the Republicans are looking to change the electoral college in order to swing as many votes to the GOP’s side. (Think Progress)

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Sunday Link-Off: Power Trip

eva-green-campari14-09I know that no one is particularly concerned with my personal problems but I got some weird cold or flu this week. Friday, I couldn’t eat a damn thing. Saturday, I was tired all day to the point of napping in the middle of the afternoon and Jackie can tell you that I don’t do sleep at the best of time. So long story short, I don’t feel like writing right now but we soldier on.

I was going to kick this post off with a picture of Anna Kendrick from that Marie Claire photoshoot, maybe even the same one Jackie used. What’s it they say about great minds and fools? Anyway, here’s Eva Green.

You not know the name but the most powerful member of President Obama’s administration is Valerie Jarrett. (The New Republic)

Here’s a story of a writer named Adrian Chen who wasn’t much of an Anonymous fan because they trolled him once back in 2011. (The Daily Dot)

Have you heard of Alex from Target? He’s a teenage boy whose picture of him working a checkout at Target turned him into a celebrity. Here’s a look at his newfound fame from his side. (New York Times)

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