Wednesday Link-Off: The Report

elizabeth-henstridge-gqmoty14-01The Newsroom catches a lot of flak, mostly from TV critics and Republicans, but it does illustrate an important point. Where would society be without news media doing actual reporting? Social media and crowdsourced reporting will only get you so far. Today’s link show the importance of a healthy fourth estate.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Since Agents of SHIELD wrapped up its first half last night, here’s Elizabeth Henstridge.

Have you wondered why beer prices are so terrible in Ontario? The Brewers’ Retail, AKA The Beer Store, has an amazing sweetheart deal with the Government of Ontario that gives them a ridiculously powerful legislated monopoly over beer sales. (Toronto Star)

The US Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the CIA’s torture practices. Here are seven key takeaways from it. (New York Times)

Fifty-four other countries, including Canada, were involved in a CIA program that ran alongside the torture program. They may not have been involved with the actual torture but it seems a bit close for comfort. (Vox)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Sick Leave

alessandra-ambrosio-lui14-05So I thought I was getting over that little flu or whatever I had this weekend and I started Monday by eating half a piece of toast and losing my breakfast. I think that actually helped me get better because it’s been steady improvement since then. If only the winter weather was so cooperative.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and I’m under the weather so it’s time for some abbreviated links. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

Bill Cosby was recently accused of sexual assault. Interviews with him are getting awkward now. (NPR)

Are the Republicans using Twitter to get around muddy election laws? (CNN)

And the Republicans are looking to change the electoral college in order to swing as many votes to the GOP’s side. (Think Progress)

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Sunday Link-Off: Power Trip

eva-green-campari14-09I know that no one is particularly concerned with my personal problems but I got some weird cold or flu this week. Friday, I couldn’t eat a damn thing. Saturday, I was tired all day to the point of napping in the middle of the afternoon and Jackie can tell you that I don’t do sleep at the best of time. So long story short, I don’t feel like writing right now but we soldier on.

I was going to kick this post off with a picture of Anna Kendrick from that Marie Claire photoshoot, maybe even the same one Jackie used. What’s it they say about great minds and fools? Anyway, here’s Eva Green.

You not know the name but the most powerful member of President Obama’s administration is Valerie Jarrett. (The New Republic)

Here’s a story of a writer named Adrian Chen who wasn’t much of an Anonymous fan because they trolled him once back in 2011. (The Daily Dot)

Have you heard of Alex from Target? He’s a teenage boy whose picture of him working a checkout at Target turned him into a celebrity. Here’s a look at his newfound fame from his side. (New York Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Politics and Power

rihanna-esquireuk14-05Good news! We’re finally getting away from the Jian Ghomeshi story… Well, for the most part we’re getting away from it. Everyone’s going quiet and it might go away if that lawsuit gets dropped. Then we get to see what the law will do.

Anyway, it’s time for today’s edition of the links. To change things up, let’s kick things off with Rihanna.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is gearing up for an election. A wave of patriotism and concern over terrorism could cause him to call an early election in the hopes on politicking his way to another term in power. (Toronto Star)

Among the fallout from the Ghomeshi saga is that Q’s executive producer is leaving the program to find other opportunities in the organization. (CBC)

Good news web users! President Obama supports Net Neutrality. The GOP is already trying to spin it and I’m worried that telecom’s pockets are so deep that they could buy a veto overrule but this is a good start. (The Guardian)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Old Guard and New

genevieve-morton-sisouthafrica14-04Well, this was certainly an interesting week to live in Ontario. First, the CBC Radio’s top daytime host is fired after they found out about a number of allegations involving sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual violence which resulted in him filing a lawsuit. There were municipal elections across the province that saw Rob Ford become a Toronto city councillor and Doug just miss becoming mayor. And I’m sure there’s loads more that happened that I’m not covering in today’s links.

But before we get to today’s links, here’s Genevieve Morton.

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi was fired after a number of allegations of non-consensual sexual violence and sexual harassment. (Toronto Star)

One expert analysed the Star’s story and Ghomeshi’s statement and looked at the real issues and inconsistencies in the stories. (Sex Geek)

Many people don’t believe the accusations against Ghomeshi because the accusers aren’t going to police and have chosen to remain anonymous. However, they’re taking this course of action because of a fear of harassment and threats. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: Foreign Affairs

penelope-cruz-esquire14-03One of the results of having such an interconnected world is that it seems that something that happens in one country will have an impact on many others. For example, a effects of a war in another part of the world will be front page news in this part. A lot of the news stories in this week’s SLO have an international impact.

So with that preamble out of the way, it’s time for the links. Here’s Penelope Cruz who was named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive. Before anyone complains, realize that it’s all marketing for everyone involved.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien wrote an op-ed supporting a non-combat role against ISIS which once again puts him opposed to Stephen Harper’s Middle East military policy. Chretien was right in 2003. Could he be right again here? (The Globe and Mail)

A Canadian man is selling Trader Joe’s in Vancouver using his grey market store. It’s an ingenious way to make money and get around all the legal hoops Trader Joe would have to go through to legally export into Canada. (Priceonomics)

American banks are opening up branches in high schools. How else are you going to take from the suckers? (Salon)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Finger Thing Means The Taxes

alessandra-ambrosio-harpersbazaaraus14-01You’d think that I would have had a lot of time to catch up on my writing this weekend seeing as it was a long weekend here in Canada but no. Between lots of cooking and lots of family visits and a Harry Potter marathon, I’m more behind this week than last.

So while I am busy writing a lot of stuff, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

While the pot boom is great for business and taxpayers in Colorado, buying marijuana still comes with a bit of a stigma. Some pot entrepreneurs are working to change the perception of marijuana and the sale thereof. (New York Times)

The American health care system is pretty poor in many ways. Is one of them the inability to support dying patients with terminal illnesses and diseases? (The New Republic)

Want to know why you’re always drinking coffee? It’s all down to your genetics. (Boston Globe)

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