Sunday Link-Off: Foreign Affairs

penelope-cruz-esquire14-03One of the results of having such an interconnected world is that it seems that something that happens in one country will have an impact on many others. For example, a effects of a war in another part of the world will be front page news in this part. A lot of the news stories in this week’s SLO have an international impact.

So with that preamble out of the way, it’s time for the links. Here’s Penelope Cruz who was named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive. Before anyone complains, realize that it’s all marketing for everyone involved.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien wrote an op-ed supporting a non-combat role against ISIS which once again puts him opposed to Stephen Harper’s Middle East military policy. Chretien was right in 2003. Could he be right again here? (The Globe and Mail)

A Canadian man is selling Trader Joe’s in Vancouver using his grey market store. It’s an ingenious way to make money and get around all the legal hoops Trader Joe would have to go through to legally export into Canada. (Priceonomics)

American banks are opening up branches in high schools. How else are you going to take from the suckers? (Salon)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Finger Thing Means The Taxes

alessandra-ambrosio-harpersbazaaraus14-01You’d think that I would have had a lot of time to catch up on my writing this weekend seeing as it was a long weekend here in Canada but no. Between lots of cooking and lots of family visits and a Harry Potter marathon, I’m more behind this week than last.

So while I am busy writing a lot of stuff, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

While the pot boom is great for business and taxpayers in Colorado, buying marijuana still comes with a bit of a stigma. Some pot entrepreneurs are working to change the perception of marijuana and the sale thereof. (New York Times)

The American health care system is pretty poor in many ways. Is one of them the inability to support dying patients with terminal illnesses and diseases? (The New Republic)

Want to know why you’re always drinking coffee? It’s all down to your genetics. (Boston Globe)

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Sunday Link-Off: Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

lauren-cohan-gq14-04Good news! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada which means copious amounts of turkey. Bad news! We have to sit through the Yanks doing the same in a month-and-a-half. It’s probably a good thing to space out Thanksgiving and Christmas like us Canucks because 1) that means that you’re not freezing during Thanksgiving weekend and can actually go outside; and 2) there’s not a run on the turkeys all at once.

Anyway, since The Walking Dead is back this weekend, here’s Lauren Cohen. Has the show gotten any better since early Season Four? I kind of wish I abandoned it earlier than that.

Ebola is something that should be scaring governments worldwide. The number of people infected is doubling every three weeks right now and is showing no signs of slowing down. (Washington Post)

Two Nation editors interviewed Edward Snowden. The preview includes some interesting quotes already. (The Nation)

Paul Krugman was one of President Obama’s biggest critics at first. Now, he’s changed his tune and thinks that President Obama is a success. (Rolling Stone)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Great Delay

adriana-lima-victoriassecret14-14It’s amazing how much someone’s complete disorganization can derail your plans. I was hoping to be able to watch Doctor Who last night but because some people can’t organize a small gathering including not setting a time to be there, ordering food and leaving it to cool to room temperature before serving, and serving store-bought apps after the mains had arrived. So I have to find time for watching and writing Doctor Who and Haven reviews, the F1 recap, a game review, the game trailers roundup and another et geekera post today. And that’s all because one person didn’t have their shit together.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for the links. Here’s much-awaited return of Adriana Lima.

With the US trying to keep their least favourite countries from getting nuclear weapons, why are they allowed to keep theirs? To protect the world from asteroids. (NBC News)

How hard is getting credit nowadays? Former US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke couldn’t refinance his mortgage. (Wall Street Journal)

Who wants a We Are The Best story? While Don Cherry would probably get criticized for pronouncing Canadian superiority, the next time someone complains about Canadians proclaiming that we are the best, refer them to this statistical analysis of Canadian greatness. (MacLean’s)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Goodbye Summer

emily-ratajkowski-gonegirl14-05I don’t know about you guys but summer kinda sucked here in Northern Ontario. Last week had sustained good weather and temperatures above 20° which was so exceedingly rare during summer proper that I’m not sure it actually counts as summer. And just like real summer, last week’s reprisal seemed unusually busy so sorry if I’m a little lacking on longer form content this week.

Anyway, here’s Emily Ratajkowski who is apparently an actress now.

John Oliver may not want you to believe this but Last Week Tonight is doing some of the best real journalism on TV. (The Daily Beast)

The Republicans would support sending troops in to fight IS but the majority of the American people don’t. With midterms coming up, it’s not a good time to politic on policies opposite to what the people want. (Politico)

If you have money in Russia that you want to take out of the country, get on it fast. Their economy ministry is looking into capital controls to stem a cash outflow that could top $100 billion this year. (Bloomberg)

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Sunday Link-Off: Make Us Whole

hannah-ferguson-galore14-01How important is the NFL to the cultural fabric of America? Something like thirteen channels were covering Roger Goodell’s press conference which went on at the same time as President Obama. The guy is leading the country isn’t as important as the guy leading the country’s leading sports league. Maybe that’s an illustration of the start of their problems…

Anyway, it’s Sunday morning which means that we’re doing the links. Let’s start with Hannah Ferguson in cheerleading garb which is ever so appropriate.

There was some concern that Quebec separatists would be bolstered by the strength of the Yes campaign in Scotland. However, the strength of the separation movement in Quebec might be the weakest that it’s been in 40 years. (The Globe and Mail)

With the Scottish Referendum done, the work isn’t finished for those in the British Parliament supporting the no side. They still have to come through on their promises. Failing to do so could start another independence campaign some years down the road. (MacLean’s)

“The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone.” Oh, Justin Trudeau… When will you stop trying to court me? I’m already in your corner. (CBC News)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Politically Incorrect

alejandra-guilmant-dineilabrazil14-02Well, Canada is still talking about Doug Ford taking over for Rob in the Toronto mayoral race. I don’t think Dougie has a shot but it would be interesting at the Ford homestead in 2017 and 2018 if Doug is the mayor and Rob wants the job back. If you’re not talking about Toronto politics, chances are you’re talking about the sad state of the NFL which seems to get worse daily.

And now, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Mexican model Alejandra Guilmant.

Some people were willing to write-off the Liberal surge as a Justin Trudeau honeymoon. Now, the Liberals appear to be back and a threat to Conservative dominance. (CBC News)

Doug Ford was expected to be the brains behind Rob Ford’s mayorship. Instead, his been more hindrance than help. That doesn’t bode well for his candidacy. (The Globe and Mail)

And Doug’s candidacy for mayor wasn’t a last-minute plan thrown together to keep the Mayor’s sash in the family. It was implemented at the last-minute but Rob’s drug and alcohol issues meant this contingency plan was in place for months. (National Post)

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