Wednesday Link-Off: Pyrotechnics

anais-pouliot-ellecanada15-01This week has been one of those where does the time go weeks? I swear I had all sorts of things planned an none of it really happened. Instead, I’m behind on all my blogging that I wanted to do. At least I took a five-day weekend to help catch me up on shit. That includes finally getting around to editing the most recent episode of The Lowdown BlogCast. Hoping to have that up next week.

So it’s Canada Day on a Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Canadian model Anais Pouliot.

So Greece defaulted on its international debt. This is going to end well. (RT)

There’s more fallout from Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign and inflammatory rhetoric. NBC has dropped the Miss Universe pageant and Trump has pulled out of The Celebrity Apprentice. I’m not sure which show’s continued existence show surprises me more. (The Hollywood Reporter)

How is Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign going? He’s raised $8.3 million so far which would have put him second among Republicans at this point in time in 2011. Basically, he’s doing really well for himself right now. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: SCOTUS FTW

charlotte-mckinney-menshealth15-01So this was just ever so slightly an interesting week in the world of politics. Between the Supreme Court making two milestone decisions to the Canadian Government under Stephen Harper showing complete disdain for Canadian citizens, there is something for everyone to talk about.

But today’s Sunday which means I should probably keep the intro to a minimum because we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Charlotte McKinney who is making her debut appearance on the blog.

The Supreme Court of the United States had a pretty good week. First, it upheld the federal tax subsidies that help make the insurance markets of the Affordable Care Act viable in a 6-3. (Bloomberg)

On Friday, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that all states in the union are obligated to allow gay marriage. (Washington Post)

Prime Minister Harper’s spokesman dodges question about the Conservative Party’s attack ad that features ISIS-produced video and their anthem and attacks news coverage in a way that makes American politicians look positively sane. (Imgur)

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Wednesday Link-Off: See It to Believe It

hilary-duff-cosmo15-06Some news stories can be just a little too far out there for you to believe that they are on the level. While not every odd news story comes from The Onion, sometimes, they sound like something those guys would craft.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up from the standard and kick things off with Hilary Duff. Remember when she was a thing?

Reports say that the Charleston shooter’s sister was the one who tipped off the FBI as to his identity. (Daily Mail)

The internet has a long memory. Rick Mercer’s old Talking to Americans skit has been dug up and it features then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talking about Canada’s national igloo. (BuzzFeed)

Kim Jong-un claims to have cured AIDS, cancer and ebola with one wonder drug. No, this isn’t a story from The Onion. Okay, the Korean Central News Agency is almost as good as The Onion. (The Independent)

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Sunday Link-Off: Maybe Father’s Day

nina-dobrev-lafilmfest15-01I know that today is Father’s Day but with all that’s been happened in the world this past week, I wouldn’t blame anyone if you forgot that. Between Charleston and Spokane and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there has been a lot in the news occupying us this week.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Nina Dobrev.

As is often the case, Charles Pierce has one of the best takes on a big story. This time, he has the best take on the Charleston shooting. (Esquire)

Whenever a high-profile shooting occurs, people talk gun control. That tends to quickly end when people think it’s not possible. However, that’s just one of several myths about gun control that keep holding it back. (The Guardian)

Good news! While everyone was distracted with the Charleston shooting, the US House of Representatives put the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the fast track to approval. (The Hill)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Video Game Break

meg-turney-playboy15-02Let’s take a little time to get away from our coverage of E3 2015. Don’t worry, I’ll have trailers from all of the press conferences at E3 and then some news coverage of the more exciting announcements and reveals at the convention.

Right now, it’s time for us to look at some of the other important happenings in the world outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center with the Wednesday links. Keeping with the E3 theme, though, here’s Meg Turney.

CSIS warned the Province of Ontario that a cabinet minister could be under China’s influence. The provincial government disregarded the spy agency. (The Globe and Mail)

Donald Trump is planning to run for President. Philip Bump tried fact-checking the speech but found it to be completely impossible. (Washington Post)

How is Kansas paying for its tax cut for the rich? Raising taxes that will most adversely affect the poor. (Think Progress)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Investigate This

salma-hayek-guyschoice15-01bIf there’s one thing that I’m a fan of, it’s an empowered press corps. Often times, the press are at their best when they try to do actual reporting. When investigative reporting works, it’s one of the great public services. Of course, as an ex-newsman, I might be a little biased there.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the Wednesday set of links. Let’s kick things off with Salma Hayek.

The boss of Canadian investigative reporters, Kevin Donovan, just took down another big star. This time, it’s the CBC’s Evan Solomon. (Toronto Star)

Investigative reporting isn’t just the realm of newspapers any more. InTouch did some solid investigative reporting to break the Duggar story. (Washington Post)

One of the reasons that Sepp Blatter got re-elected (for four days) as FIFA president was because of the help he supposedly gave poorer soccer nations. While they’re getting money, they aren’t improving because of it. (FiveThirtyEight)

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Sunday Link-Off: Selfie

Hello and welcome to The Lowdown Blog. Okay, that’s the podcast intro but we recorded an episode yesterday and I’m going to start the editing soon. Hopefully, I’ll have it up this week. If not, we’ll be missing some E3 coverage. At least that’ll be on the blog.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick things off with Kate Hudson.

You’ve probably heard the term about how the rich get richer but it’s actually true. Even the IRS helps the rich get richer as they make more money. (Washington Post)

How did the Americans make their latest strike against ISIS? By back-tracking a selfie. (Washington Times)

Penn Jillette has been watching official videos from Presidential candidates and has found out what might make Bernie Sanders the most formidable candidate on the trail. (CNN)

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