Wednesday Link-Off: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

danielle-knudson-barenecessities14-01I’ve had a busy couple of days. A lot of time goes into these F1 previews and there are still three more posts coming up this week. Hopefully, you’ll be up to speed on the new Formula One season before the first race starts.

For now, though, it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

A Republican congressman thinks all NBA players are criminals. No, wait. He meant to say that they all smoked marijuana. No, wait. He meant to say that he’s racist. (The Daily Beast)

Speaking of the Republican bubble, a different congressman says that the government didn’t shut down during the government shutdown. (BuzzFeed)

Only in Canada can a porn channel get in trouble for a lack of Canadian content and too little closed captioning. My tax dollars at work. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: Back in Business

ashley-diana-morris-maxim14-01Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean that stories about Russia are done. Their neighbours, the Ukraine, are making news and Russia seems to be right there sticking their noses in to make things worse.

Anyway, since it’s Sunday, I think we should do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Ashley Diana Morris.

Two years before the Boston Marathon bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and an accomplice killed three men. The case was never solved. Would solving that case have prevented the bombing? (Boston Magazine)

The situation in the Ukraine has been deteriorating over the last week and the possibility of armed Russian intervention is a real issue. (Washington Post)

The Harper Government is sending a delegation to the Ukraine to meet the new government but the Harper Government is using this as an opportunity to play politics… as usual. (MacLean’s)

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Wednesday Link-Off: ‘Tis The Season

xenia-deli-lulifama13-03It’s the first linkdump of December. WordPress turned on the Christmas decorations so the falling snow isn’t a problem with the site or your monitor but our little piece of Christmas spirit… Unless we manage to do a Christmas podcast. Then that’s our contribution to Christmas.

Anyway, let’s get started with Xenia Deli.

You would think that Justin Trudeau might be a radical for wanting to legalize marijuana but he’s only following the recommendation of a forty-year-old study that said there was no scientific basis for the ban. In fact, Canada’s drug bans are all rooted in racism. (Toronto Star)

Without ad revenue from Hockey Night In Canada, the CBC’s current business model is broken but no one is rushing to fix it. (National Post)

Could Russell Brand be the smartest man occasionally in Hollywood? His op-ed about Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp is epic. (The Guardian)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Shut Down that Never Ends

kim-cloutier-wacoal13-01It seems to be a quiet week in the world this week. I’ve been trying to dig up links but there isn’t much to link to but we still have the best links on the interweb. For now, let’s start the links with Lowdown Blog favourite Kim Cloutier.

While there seems to be some dissent between the Tea Party and more progressive GOP congressmen, the Democrats can’t capitalize because of a new rule the GOP enacted just before the shut down. (Gawker)

Along the same lines of my recent et geekera column, the NYT just realized that the news media is biased too. (New York Times)

It’s sad but American high school athletes getting preferential treatment from the legal system and getting away with rape is more common that we care to admit. (Kansas City Star)

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Sunday Link-Off: Check the Media

talita-correa-enamora13-08We’re working for the weekend. If you are, you can check out today’s edition of the links. Let’s kick off with Talita Correa who is another of the multitude of models from Brazil. I really need to get down there at some point in my life.

As unfortunately tends to be the case with tragedies, the media is more interested in being first with their news rather than being right. Just ask Rollie Chance who was incorrectly identified as the shooter by numerous outlets. (Washington Post)

Speaking of being first rather than right, a BuzzFeed writer was so keen to say that guns stop mass shootings that he neglected to include facts in his article. (Mother Jones)

The GOP are trying desperately to defund Obamacare but don’t seem to have the facts straight. Then again, the Dems aren’t too much better. Check out this fact checking of the Affordable Care Act before you pick a side. (FactCheck)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Follow the Money

eve-tramunt-adoreme13-01It’s Wednesday which means that this is the time for some of our favourite links from the week so far. Let’s start out with French model Eve Tramunt.

Detroit’s bankruptcy isn’t just a result of the recent Great Recession but the result of bad decisions starting back in the 1950s that built up to this year’s bankruptcy declaration. (Detroit Free Press)

Canadian scientists are concerned about the federal government’s lack of interest in research that serves the public rather than commercial interests. The Harper government bending over to promote business over the people shouldn’t surprise anyone. (The Globe and Mail)

The Great Recession is five years old now. Here’s how we’re still talking about it incorrectly. (Washington Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: A Media Dynasty

constance-jablonski-hm13-05Middle of the week links time. No time to waste so let’s get to the links. Since I just finished working on my review of Remember Me, here’s French model Constance Jablonski.

You know why you shouldn’t name anything after sharks? Because the puns are too easy when you jump the shark. Right, Discovery Channel. (Discover Magazine)

The family dynasty at the Washington Post is done now that the paper has been sold to boss Jeffrey Bezos. (Washington Post)

And the sale of the Post to a dot-commer like Bezos should help with innovation in the traditional media without compromising the paper’s journalistic credibility. (The New Republic)

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Phil Fish vs. Marcus Beer Says More About Games Journalism than Either Man

phil-fishThe weekend’s big gaming news story wasn’t about a new game or another major announcement but a feud between two gaming personalities.

On one side was Marcus Beer, GameTrailer’s Annoyed Gamer, who criticized prominent indie developers Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow for not commenting on Microsoft allowing indie game self-publishing on the Xbox One. On the other side was the aforementioned Phil Fish who didn’t take kindly to Beer lobbing personal insults at him on video.

However, I don’t think that the takeaway from this feud should be anything about either Beer or Fish. I think how this feud started says more about how this gaming journalism works and why it might be irreparably broken.

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Can We Still Trust The Gaming Press?

nerd-rage-comic-phantom-painedThe ongoing concern of gamers over whether they can trust the journalists who write news and reviews has been at a near boiling point for the last year or so. There was the battle between gamers and the press over Mass Effect 3′s ending. Journalists at the Games Media Awards were encouraged to tweet about Trion’s upcoming Defiance with a reward of a PS3 being available for one lucky winner. Then there are the regular accusations of good or bad reviews for certain games being bought by publishers.

What brought this issue to a head for me was the recent revelation in a GameTrailers interview that Hideki Kojima had run his marketing plan by Geoff Keighley some two years ago at Comic Con. While it’s okay to play along with Moby Dick Studios and The Phantom Pain, what Keighley did and what the rest of the press did is different. It’s one thing for outlets without inside information to connect the dots to give us the likely scoop. It’s another for Keighley to withhold information when he knew the real story of Moby Dick Studios and The Phantom Pain and hype a fake interview on his show that was just a marketing sham.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Out of the News

kim-cloutier-femilet13-01Well, I haven’t heard many good things about yesterday’s gaming column about how gamers rights are virtually non-existent. I’ve heard that I’m a bit of a whiner for thinking that gamers deserve to be treated like everyone else and trying to keep people from being hosed by terrible games. Like I said yesterday, that’s the sort of in-fighting that will hurt us all in the long-run.

Anyway, one thing I won’t get complaints about is featuring Kim Cloutier.

The legendary free weekly newspaper The Boston Phoenix is closing its doors. File this one under why we can’t have nice things. (Gawker)

It’s not just small local papers that might be on the way out. It seems as though local TV newscasts could soon follow in their print brethren’s footsteps. (New York Times)

The two Steubenville football players charged with rape were convicted. While most people weren’t exactly sympathetic to those guys, CNN treated them like victims. (BuzzFeed)

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