Sunday Link-Off: All The Write Stuff

genevieve-morton-randallslavin14-06No, that title isn’t a typo. I’m just back to making bad puns. What else do you expect from me on the weekend? I know! Links! And since today is Sunday, it’s probably a good idea to bring you the links. We start with some writing and transition to the downfall of sensibility in the NFL and the confused sustainability priorities of the NHL.

But before we get to all of that, let’s kick off with South African model and blog favourite Genevieve Morton.

TMZ might be the biggest player in celebrity gossip today but no one is entirely sure how it became a seemingly overnight success story. Here’s a look at the gossip site’s history. (BuzzFeed)

And since I just ran a BuzzFeed link, one of their lead writers is a serial plagiarist. (Our Bad Media)

After a couple of days of controversy, BuzzFeed undertook an internal review and let Benny Johnson’s for plagiarizing over 40 times. (BuzzFeed)

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Sunday Link-Off: Culture

genevieve-morton-nathanpaul14-05Another week goes by and another linkdump is in the book. Just when I think that I’m going to have some time to sit down and write, I’m just going my dinger in real-life. I’m hoping that I can get a little down time come July.

In the meantime, let’s get this show on the road. Here’s South African model Genevieve Morton.

The US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark because it’s “disparaging to Native Americans.” (Think Progress)

Canada’s leading climate change expert is very concerned about the potential damage that could be caused by the Tran Mountain pipeline. (Vice)

At Bob Jones University, a private Christian university in America, rape is a sin caused by the woman who was raped. And you thought that attitude wasn’t part of Western culture. (Al Jazeera America)

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Sunday Link-Off: I Thought This Was Spring

tsanna-latouche-nordstrom14-05With it being the end of April, I thought that the weather would be warming up and I could start to wear short-sleeved shirts. However, I woke up yesterday and had to grab my winter coat and boots and brush snow off my car. So much for having a late spring. Any spring would be lovely. I think that we’re gearing up for two seasons this year: Winter and July.

Anyway, to celebrate a lovely Canadian winter, let’s lead off with a lovely Canadian model. Here’s Tsanna LaTouche.

Even with the changes proposed to the so-called “Fair” Elections Act, a number of serious concerns remain. Well, I suppose it could make elections fair for a certain party trying to get it into law… (The Globe and Mail)

The story of the Keystone XL pipeline is really a tale of two countries. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has championed it but Barack Obama has been working against him which I certainly won’t complain about. (Bloomberg)

While his international environmental record isn’t too bad, domestically, things aren’t too good for Barack Obama. A radioactive oil waste site was found in North Dakota. Isn’t that lovely? (Al Jazeera America)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Cold Hard Data

alyssah-ali-bloomingdales14-06I may have mentioned it before but the hardest part about these linkdumps is writing the intro. I’m never entirely sure what to say. Do I comment about the links to follow? Do I talk about the goings on of the last week? Do I talk about my personal life? I’m never quite sure. I do know that for the second straight Tuesday, snow was falling outside my window as I wrote this post. It’s just lovely April weather.

Anyway, let’s start off today’s set of links with Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Why are things in Ukraine not getting any better? Because the Russians are trying to destabilize things to take control of the country while blaming the Ukrainian government and its allies for causing the trouble that Russia themselves are causing. (New York Times)

Don’t listen to the anti-vaccine whack-jobs. Vaccines save lives. (Mother Jones)

Have you ever wanted an inside look into the live of the paparazzi? Okay, probably not. But I still found this profile of one Hollywood pap interesting. (Rolling Stone)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

danielle-knudson-barenecessities14-01I’ve had a busy couple of days. A lot of time goes into these F1 previews and there are still three more posts coming up this week. Hopefully, you’ll be up to speed on the new Formula One season before the first race starts.

For now, though, it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

A Republican congressman thinks all NBA players are criminals. No, wait. He meant to say that they all smoked marijuana. No, wait. He meant to say that he’s racist. (The Daily Beast)

Speaking of the Republican bubble, a different congressman says that the government didn’t shut down during the government shutdown. (BuzzFeed)

Only in Canada can a porn channel get in trouble for a lack of Canadian content and too little closed captioning. My tax dollars at work. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: Back in Business

ashley-diana-morris-maxim14-01Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean that stories about Russia are done. Their neighbours, the Ukraine, are making news and Russia seems to be right there sticking their noses in to make things worse.

Anyway, since it’s Sunday, I think we should do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Ashley Diana Morris.

Two years before the Boston Marathon bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and an accomplice killed three men. The case was never solved. Would solving that case have prevented the bombing? (Boston Magazine)

The situation in the Ukraine has been deteriorating over the last week and the possibility of armed Russian intervention is a real issue. (Washington Post)

The Harper Government is sending a delegation to the Ukraine to meet the new government but the Harper Government is using this as an opportunity to play politics… as usual. (MacLean’s)

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Wednesday Link-Off: ‘Tis The Season

xenia-deli-lulifama13-03It’s the first linkdump of December. WordPress turned on the Christmas decorations so the falling snow isn’t a problem with the site or your monitor but our little piece of Christmas spirit… Unless we manage to do a Christmas podcast. Then that’s our contribution to Christmas.

Anyway, let’s get started with Xenia Deli.

You would think that Justin Trudeau might be a radical for wanting to legalize marijuana but he’s only following the recommendation of a forty-year-old study that said there was no scientific basis for the ban. In fact, Canada’s drug bans are all rooted in racism. (Toronto Star)

Without ad revenue from Hockey Night In Canada, the CBC’s current business model is broken but no one is rushing to fix it. (National Post)

Could Russell Brand be the smartest man occasionally in Hollywood? His op-ed about Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp is epic. (The Guardian)

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