Thursday Link-Off: Four More Years!

We’ve come in a day late with the mid-week links so we could bring you election coverage. Wednesday was a great morning for America. Republican supporters can complain about the outcome but they only have the Tea Party to blame. They force Romney off his moderate base to the neoconservative fringe. If he stuck to what was his core as the governor of Massachusetts  he’s have been in with a shot. Anyway, since America did the right thing on Tuesday, here’s Obama supporter Katy Perry. This campaign pretty much made her any sane man’s dream woman.

The results of the election aren’t indicative of a divide by race or gender or even political beliefs. It’s really illustrative of a divide along age. (Globe & Mail)

Over the course of the day, one of the more intriguing subplots was the embarrassing state of the actual voting process. If there’s one reason the world laughed at America, it’s because the country that invaded Iraq to impose democracy doesn’t have it right itself. (CNN)

Now that President Obama has been reelected, people are going to talk about his place in history. Perhaps, though, his place has already been cemented even without a cornerstone piece of legislation to be his legacy piece. (Esquire)

After the jump, more election coverage including Nate Silver winning election night, where the GOP went wrong, a media round-up from the big day and more. Continue reading

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Wednesday Link-Off: Seriously Uncool

It’s time for the last set of Wednesday links for June. So why not close it off with Katy Perry? Can you tell I didn’t have a segue there?

It looks like teens aren’t taking to Facebook as much as they used to. I guess it’s not cool to be Facebook friends with mom and dad. (Forbes)

Adam Carolla may not be hosting Top Gear USA but he is getting his own car show. Speed Channel has signed up Adam and some friends for The Car Show. (Jalopnik)

Did you know that James Toney and Ken Shamrock are still fighting? Well, that’s a relative term because they’re doing some dirty boxing pseudo-fight for an unnamed promotion in September. I’m shocked they weren’t forced to hold it at an Indian casino because no one else wanted that crap. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, which Cup champ drinks light beer, Doctor Who’s girl gone wild and the year’s best wrestling promo. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

So what happens when one of the day’s top artists gets annoyed with the YouTube sensation. She releases one of the crap songs off the end of her album as a single so she can make a music video mocking said YouTube sensation. And that’s how we’ve ended up with Katy Perry’s song Last Friday Night as this week’s WoM winner. It may not be the worst song in the world this week. It just has the least care put into it to make it music. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Katy Perry – Friday

I don’t like using live concert covers as the Worst of Music award winner but this time an exception has been earned. I’ve previously named Rebecca Black’s Friday as the Worst of Music. I even suggested that it could go down as one of the worst songs of 2011. Then I heard Katy Perry’s cover of Friday. Just when I thought that the original was a crime against music, this live cover comes along and takes the crown. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Katy Perry – E.T.

This week’s WoM was actually a tough decision. There were a good eight songs on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 that could be legitimate Worst of Music winners this week. (Bruno Mars’s Grenade already won the WoM and the other is Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You which I like.) So I went with the song of the week that could have been the greatest but failed miserably. I’m actually a Kanye West fan but pair him with Katy Parry and you have a WoM winner with their collaboration E.T. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Best of 2010

Like last year, let’s kick off the year in review linkdump with our woman of the year. There were a few good candidates but Katy Perry’s win shouldn’t come as a shock.

If you ask Time Magazine, the best man of 2010 is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. I think they might be a couple of years late in finding out about this whole Facebook thing. (Time)

Perhaps if you’d like a list that does a better job reflecting what happened in 2010, you should check out this list of the words of 2010. (New York Times)

For the Twitterites (and anti-Zuckerberg-ians) reading, here are the top ten trending topics on Twitter from the past year. (Twitter)

After the jump, the year in sports, the year on the internet and the year in pictures. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Spin-o-rama

Nearly a year after being named Maxim’s hottest woman of 2010, here’s the obligatory Katy Perry Maxim photo.

In an effort to build the rivalry ahead of the Winter Classic, Vanity Fair did an interview with Sidney Crosby. Naturally, he does nothing to promote the game like say something interesting. (Vanity Fair)

Just in time for Christmas, it’s a look at the science of Santa Claus’ annual world tour. Kids probably shouldn’t click this one. (Daily Telegraph)

What would you do if you were stuck in a snowstorm: Rent a car and offer a foreign woman a ride or use your celebrity to hitch a ride with a fan? Here’s the tales of Joe Posnanski and Peter King. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the Waffle Man, the Madden 12 planning session and the best shootout goal this year. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Pigskin Pickoff

For the second Sunday in a row, here’s Katy Perry. Those boys at Rolling Stone really do a good job.

Madden 11 is out this Tuesday. To get you ready for the next edition of the iconic franchise, here’s the history of the game from its start through today. (ESPN)

Regardless of whether he comes back or not, Brett Favre’s story would make a heck of a musical. Kinda like this. (New Yorker)

By the way, Terez Owens claims to have a source that says Jenn Sterger made up the Favre text story to get famous and Deadspin ran the story for page views. (Terez Owens) So running a story completely the opposite of Deadspin and loaded with Sterger pics is run solely out of the goodness of his heart?

After the jump, the science of booty calls, Darth Schwarzenegger, and the best games of the year so far. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Fail The King

I’ve been meaning to run this for a while but here’s Katy Perry from a recent issue of Esquire UK. I hope the US version was paying attention.

The big sports media story of the week was this Arash Markazi story about a night in the life of LeBron James in Las Vegas. (Google Docs)

Why was it such a big story, you might ask? Well, ESPN pulled the story from its website for the dumbest reason on record. (Deadspin) I’m actually shocked by this reason. I didn’t think that anyone from ESPN would pull their lips off LeBron’s ass long enough to dictate a statement.

Though that story might be the highlight of LeBron’s week. Here’s a hypothetical look of when LeBron meets up with Jay-Z for the first time since The Decision. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, profiles of a couple legends, a StarCraft II review, and a Bieber fail. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Ready for Kickoff

I didn’t realize that the MTV Movie Awards were this weekend. On the plus side, it meant we got to see more of Katy Perry.

So your time at university is over and you’ve got a purty little diploma. What are you going now? Maybe you should take a year off. (Lion’s Den U)

Only in Philadelphia: A toddler drinks beer at the ball game. (The Fightins)

I’ve mentioned recently that my favourite recent discovery on Twitter is @BuzzBissinger. Want a look inside the mind of the foul-mouthed Pulitzer Prize winner? Click here douche juices. (Philadelphia Magazine) I’m probably using Buzz’s favourite new word wrong.

After the jump, we gear you up for the World Cup, Bernie Madoff’s a prison yard hero, and don’t mess with La Parka. Continue reading