Wednesday Link-Off: The More Things Change

michea-crawford-marksspencer14-01I know that technically this is a short week but I feel like it’s gone long already. Well, the return of winter to Canada isn’t helping matters. I know we’re all about winter up here but even we can have enough after six months.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Michea Crawford.

The Yanks feel that Russia hasn’t learned their lesson about interfering in the Ukraine. Another round of sanctions is quickly making its way down the pipe. (The Daily Beast)

Meanwhile, things in eastern Ukraine have gotten so bad that it looks like war might break out as both Russian and Ukraine military armed forces are on the move. (Bloomberg)

I forgot that Rob and Doug Ford’s Ford Nation show made the switch to YouTube. Well, now that it’s there, Jimmy Kimmel made his much-anticipated guest appearance. (Toronto Star)

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Sunday Link-Off: Sports Night

cris-urena-victoriassecret14-08Good news! Barrett-Jackson is back this week which means we’ll have another Best of Barrett-Jackson post for you soon. We’ll also have a game review at the end of the week along with the other usual features.

Speaking of usual features, today is Sunday so it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Cris Urena.

A biography of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes isn’t looking too good for Roger. I guess that’s what happens when you’re on the receiving end of fair and balanced reporting. (New York Times)

With the Washington Post’s Ezra Klien looking to strike out on his own, is journalism less about the news and more about the person reporting it now? (The Guardian)

Dan Le Batard was the one who gave his baseball hall of fame vote over to the users of Deadspin. He did it for the right reasons. (Deadspin)

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Sunday Link-Off: Drugs and Shut Downs and Baseballs, Oh My

elyse-taylor-victoriassecret13-10It’s Sunday which means it’s time for some links. I’m hoping to have an F1 recap tomorrow for the Korean Grand Prix which already ran and isn’t getting replayed in Canada until 9:30 PM. They have a block of taped programming from 5:30 PM onwards but why would we show it at a convenient time for our audience? I really think TSN is the Canadian F1 fan’s worst enemy. At least Sportsnet hasn’t screwed over IndyCar fans. I’ll have the GP of Houston recap on Tuesday. Unless I decide to flip-flop posting dates.

Anyway, like I said at the top, it’s time for the links. Let’s start this post with Australian model Elyse Taylor.

The Globe & Mail put together a lengthy, detailed and fascinating report about how BlackBerry went from the top of the smartphone world to dead in the water. (Globe & Mail)

Toronto mayor Rob Ford frequently visited Alexander Lisi. Now, Lisi has been charged with drugs offenses which can’t be good for the mayor. (Toronto Star)

This week, we also found out that the Toronto police had Rob Ford under surveillance using a Cessna airplane. (Toronto Star)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Apart From the Royal Baby…

edita-vilkeviciute-victoriassecret13-14I don’t know if you heard but a royal baby was born on Monday. However, since it’s not really a news story and won’t affect 99.99% of us in any way, I won’t be mentioning it here. We have other news that you might have missed. First, though, we have Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute.

Barack Obama might be America’s first black President but he identifies as a black American first. When he says that he could’ve been Trayvon Martin, it’s not hyperbole. (Washington Post)

In case you missed among non-stories, there was a massive breakout of Al Qaeda prisoners from Abu Ghraib prison. (Reuters)

Anthony Weiner is sexting again. This time, he used a pseudonym… Carlos Danger. (Post Politics)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Spoilers

magdalena-frackowiak-victoriassecret13-04It’s time for the middle of the week which means it’s time for the links. Let’s skip the intro and go straight to the show. First, here’s Magdalena Frackowiak who is making her first appearance on the blog.

Thanks to DVRs, Netflix shows, downloading and social media, has the spoiler warning gone the way of the dodo? (Wired)

Speaking of going the way of the dodo, could Microsoft not be long for this world? (Yahoo Finance)

You may not know but I’m a bit of a cricket fan and watch the IPL every weekend during the spring. Anyway, here’s a look at how Washington National (I think that’s the singular) Bryce Harper would fare in cricket. (Natstradamus)

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Sunday Link-Off: Behind the Scenes

lauren-cohan-esquire13-03Well, I jinxed us when prepping the intro for this post. Originally, I said we got through the week intact when we almost didn’t. Anyhow, next week is our F1 preview week. We’ll have all the usual features and we’ll even throw in our Mass Effect 3 Citadel review for good measure. But first, we have the Sunday links. Since there’s a new episode of The Walking Dead tonight, here’s Lauren Cohen.

We all know that Disney came from seemingly nowhere to drop $4 billion to buy Lucasfilm  and everything Star Wars but do you know how the deal came together? (Businessweek)

Keeping with behind the scenes stories, here’s a look at CERN’s chase to find the Higgs boson. (New York Times)

Sports owners are well-known for crying poor. However, one owner has been proven to be a liar when crying poor. The Carolina Panthers aren’t a hard done by team. They made over $110 million over the last two years. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: That Indie Spirit

I’ve never heard of Emily Ratajkowski before (apparently she’s an actress in addition to being a model) and clearly that’s a massive oversight.

When the most popular wrestler in the WWE is Daniel Bryan and the least popular is John Cena, you know that independent wrestling is slowly taking over the major pro wrestling landscape. (Grantland)

We all know about The Masters tournament thanks to the many poetic stories from golf scribes and the endless TV coverage of the event but here’s the real story of Augusta during Masters Week. (The Awl)

Depending on the day of the week, ESPN’s Skip Bayless is either a troll or a moron. So it’s nice when an ESPN employee takes Skip down on his own show. (Awful Announcing)

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Sunday Link-Off: Happy Easter Time

Despite the fact that I’m an atheist, even I’m willing to admit we’re more SEO-friendly by referencing Easter. Anyway, here’s Xenia Deli. She’s a Beach Bunny Swimwear model along with another famous model who we’ll have a little later on.

We all know that athletic departments wield serious power on college campuses but nothing rivals the sway of Notre Dame’s football program. Sexual assault accusations against Fighting Irish football players tend to end badly for the accuser. (Deadspin)

As Jackie mentioned yesterday, Chevy Chase is in the middle of a feud with Community creator Dan Harmon. What he didn’t mention is that Chase has a pretty lengthy history of being an asshole. (Gawker)

Darren Dreger gets a lot more respect from fans and media than I remember him getting while at Sportsnet. I’m not saying that TSN’s PR machine has turned him into a respectable inside but it is a remarkable change from host to insider. Anyway, he’s still an idiot. His Vezina vote is for Marc-Andre Fleury despite the mountain of evidence that suggests that Fleury is a below average netminder. (Driving Play)

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Join The Lowdown Blog 2012 Fantasy Baseball Pool

If you thought that we were only hockey, football and Formula One fans around here at The Lowdown Blog, you would’ve been wrong. We’re also baseball fans. This year, we’ve got a couple of different rotisserie baseball pools for you to join.

The first is a classic rotisserie league. You compete against the rest of the league on ten different traditional roto stats including runs, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, batting average, strikeouts, pitcher wins, saves, ERA and WHIP. Click here to join the classic Roto Pool.

Our other rotisserie baseball league is based on Moneyball. Bill James would be proud of this fantasy pool because we’ve picked ten stats that follow the classic Moneyball principles. These stats are runs, extra base hits, RBIs, pitches per plate appearance, OPS, pitcher wins, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts per nine innings and saves plus holds. Click here to join the Moneyball Roto Pool.

Wednesday Link-Off: #3

I should be playing Mass Effect 3 right now but my hard drive had to suffer a catastrophic failure in January and cost me two (and a half) saved characters. But with ME3 out yesterday, it’s only fitting to lead-off with Yvonne Strahovski.

We all know that Rush Limbaugh is a moronic, misogynistic blowhard whose views lower the intelligence of everyone that hears them. Fortunately, after his latest tirade and thanks to the power of social media, Rush’s advertisers are leaving in droves. (Think Progress)

Speaking of advertising, since the NBA is expecting over two-thirds of teams to lose money this season, they’re looking at selling ads on jerseys. (Sporting News)

Mass Effect 3 is out! Let me repeat that to reflect my excitement: MASS EFFECT THREE!!!!!1!!3! Here’s a pretty detailed, but not spoilerish, review. (Kotaku)

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