Entertainment Link-Off: Seize Your Glory

eva greenAt the box office this weekend marks the anticipated quasi-sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. The green screen heavy war epic is back for another round of stylized action and bloodfest. At least there’s a lot more eye candy to go around this time as Eva Green is featured prominently as Artemisia. 

After the jump, the CW fails at pushing boundaries, punk goes pop once again, Funny or Die is sorry about something again, check out the ugly ‘doh’ moment during the famous Oscar selfie, a few trailers to check out and True Detective gets the Community treatment. Continue reading

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Star Wars: Episode VI Retold In Icons

star-wars-return-of-the-jedi-iconoscope-headerAll the back in 2011, we ran a couple of posts of illustrator Wayne Dorrington retelling the Star Wars trilogy using icons. When we originally ran the posts, he had completed A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. By the time that he completed Return of the Jedi, we had slightly forgotten about his series even though they were quite popular.

Now, over two years after he posted it and we first started bringing you the series, here’s the thrilling conclusion to the Star Wars trilogy retold in iconoscope.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Up Up and Away

Kate MaraNot much competition at the box office this weekend. Perhaps The Lego Movie will continue to dominate but I’m sure Liam Neeson and his airplane thriller Non-Stop is looking forward to dethroning the animated feature. Anyway, I’m gonna kick off the ELO with Kate Mara because I recently decided to see what the hype is all about in House of Cards. 

After the jump, more Matrix movies on its way, a longer look at the new Godzilla, Obama wants to build some Iron Man suits, and Jean Claude Van Damme takes his splits to outer space. Continue reading

What if Disney Princesses Were Game of Thrones Characters?

disney-game-of-thrones-banner-djedjehutiSince we’re only six weeks away from the season premiere of Game of Thrones, I think that now is the time for the return of regular Game of Thrones posts in a series that I’ve come to dub Fridays of Ice and Fire.

For the return of Game of Thrones posts, I found this mashup of Disney princesses with characters from Game of Thrones in the gallery of DjeDjehuti. So what would Disney characters look like if they were in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros?

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Entertainment Link-Off: Hot Lava!

emily browningIt appears none of the newcomers can seem to dethrone the Lego Movie from the top spot at the box office this weekend. There’s Kevin Costner channeling his inner Liam Neeson in 3 Days to Kill and then there’s Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest directorial effort Pompeii. While he attempts the James Cameron formula for the disaster epic, the film falls flat on most notes with a few exceptions. At least he got Emily Browning as the leading lady, so that’s a bright spot.

After the jump, prepare yourself for more Space Jam, heck prepare yourself for more Heroes, catch a first look at Guardians of the Galaxy and the cast of HIMYM read out the top 10 surprises for their finale. Continue reading

What If Doctor Who was an American Show?

When the ill-fated Doctor Who TV movie was made back in 1996, it was a co-production between the BBC and the American network Fox. The movie was made as a pilot for a revival of the show that would be produced by Fox for an American audience. However, while the movie was a success in Britain, it was a flop in America which meant that the series was never made.

But what if Doctor Who wasn’t just revived as an American series? What if the whole of Doctor Who was produced in America? Maybe these American actors would have played The Doctor. What do you think?
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Entertainment Link-Off: Your Move

abbie cornishRoboCop finally hits theatres in North America this weekend. It’s not a terribly bad remake, but it will never top the original film. Anyway, let’s start the ELO with the leading lady from the film Abbie Cornish, who by the way is planning to release a rap album

After the jump, don’t spoil House of Cards for Obama, tears are flowing at the final read of HIMYM, Jerry O’Connell is sorry too, watch a Friday Night Lights crossover and imagine what Let It Go would sound like it it was sung by a variety of divas. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Building Blocks

emma watson wonderlandI’m back! So we’re officially in February and I’m finally posting the first Entertainment Link-Off of 2014. The past month has been hectic with no steady internet and lots of moving around. Here’s to new beginnings and a wonderful new year ahead. Now this weekend at the box office, you got a star-studded yet critically panned flick The Monuments Men taking on the surprisingly certified fresh Lego Movie. Better yet, if you’re in Australia, just go watch the Robocop remake. Actually, on second thought, don’t. Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with Emma Watson’s latest shoot from Wonderland. 

After the jump some aca-amazing news, a certain Parks and Rec moment ruined by a thief, Sherlock will be back, zombie beavers beware and another new installment to the Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud. Continue reading

Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor Costume Revealed

The oldest man to take over the helm of the TARDIS gets an old-school costume that harkens back to the outfit that Jon Pertwee wore as the Third Doctor. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has lost the bowtie, tweed, cuffed pants and boots for a more elegant looking ensemble that I’d be more than willing to cosplay in.

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Star Wars: Episode VII Undergoing Massive Changes in Pre-Production

star-wars-episode-vii-teaserRemember when you were excited for a new Star Wars trilogy to continue the story beyond what was already in the Expanded Universe. Noted Star Wars fan J.J. Abrams was directing. Oscar-winner Michael Arndt was tabbed to write the script. Everyone and their mother was meeting with Abrams. Some of the top behind the camera in Hollywood were onboard, including John Williams and Ben Burtt.

Now, the latest rumours about Episode VII are a little less promising. Nothing is confirmed or set in stone but rumours that indicate retconning established Star Wars canon concerns me.
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