Entertainment Link-Off: Rise from the Dead

christian serratosSo this weekend marks the season finale of The Walking Dead! Millions of followers will be catching the show to see which character is next to bite the dust. Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with Christian Serratos. Yes, it is refreshing to see her all glammed up because we’re so used to seeing her kick zombie-ass on TWD. 

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Eight Videos to Get You Hyped (or Worried) About WrestleMania 31

For better or worse, that time of year is upon us. The WWE’s annual “sports entertainment” spectacular, WrestleMania, is upon us for the 31st time. This year’s edition got a last-minute boost of intrigue with the late re-signing of Brock Lesnar so for the first time in about 9 months, the outcome of the main event is up in the air.

So to get you ready for the five-hour show (that includes two pre-match shows expected to start at 3:00 PM PDT), I found some of the best “hype” videos to get you ready for The Granddaddy of Them All, The Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania Play Button.

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The Homes of Middle-Earth (Infographic)

Am I on too much of an infographic kick right now? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But maybe I stumbled upon an even better one than last week’s. While our old friends at Movoto didn’t put together this look at the homes of Middle-Earth, it’s a fairly comprehensive look at many of the homes, cities and lands that you’ll see in Lord of the Rings. You might even be able to figure out where in Isengard that the Hobbits were taken.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Who’s Next?

suki waterhouse gqSo the highly anticipated sequel to Divergent is finally out this weekend. Though it is apparently visually stunning, it looks like Insurgent is a rather dull entry to the apocalyptic YA franchise. Anyway, you can catch the newly single Suki Waterhouse in a small role in this film.

After the jump, a much simpler ending to Interstellar, watch the opening and closing scenes to films side by side, the people want Clarkson back on Top Gear, some awesome DLC characters added to Mortal Kombat X and catch a glimpse of a showdown between The Rock and Jason Statham. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Fairytale Ending

lily jamesBefore the next installment of the Divergent series hits theatres, Disney is gonna cash in on a classic tale this weekend with Cinderella. Based on strong reviews and word of mouth, it looks like this flick will be dominating the box office. So let’s kick things off with the lead Lily James. Apparently the corset was so tight during filming, she had to stick to a liquid diet. Ouch!

After the jump, HBO doesn’t want Game of Thrones to end, Liam Neeson is planning to quit action films, Top Gear may have come to an abrupt end, first look at Mortal Kombat X story mode, and catch the season finale of the webseries David. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off:

alison brie gqI’m back this week now that I got time to sit down in front of the computer once again. Huge thanks to Steve for covering for me last week as I was inundated with work. Anyway, it’s time for another ELO as it’s Saturday once again! Community is coming back really soon, so why not get another dose of Alison Brie!

After the jump, District 10 ain’t happening anytime soon, Expendables is coming to a TV near you, movies make more money in China, analyzing the difficulties to make a movie and Bob Barker renews his rivalry with Adam Sandler.  Continue reading

The World’s Richest Superheroes (Infographic)

For as many great superheroes there are with fantastic powers like your Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, The Hulk and so on, there are many more superheroes that aren’t endowed with superpowers to save the Earth. While heroes like Batman and Iron Man might dominate on the silver screen, they don’t have their own superpowers. Both superheroes and supervillains have used their money to become among the most powerful people in the world.

So today, we have a handy little infographic to take us through the finances of some of the most powerful men in the Marvel and DC universes.

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