Doctor Who: Death in Heaven Review

doctor-who-death-in-heaven-headerThe first eleven episodes of this season of Doctor Who have been absolutely brilliant. We’re used to sporadic good episodes but such a succession of great episodes in 10 of the first 11 weeks of Doctor Who is something that no TV show this side of maybe The Wire or Game of Thrones have been able to match.

The finale would be the biggest test of the course of Doctor Who under Peter Capaldi because finales are typically where the show falls flattest. Could a season that’s been so much better than usual end so much better than usual?

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Entertainment Link-Off: Lost in Space

malese-jowSo Interstellar hits theatres this weekend and there sure will be plenty of people flocking to the IMAX screens to catch what all the fuss is about. Anyway, over in TV land, the November sweeps have kick started and plenty of shows are going through a string of new episodes before finishing for the winter finale. Sadly, there was no new Flash this week though. On the bright side, the show did cast Malese Jow as Linda Park on the show, so let’s kick off the ELO with her.

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Doctor Who: Dark Water Review

doctor-who-dark-water-headerIt certainly hasn’t seemed like this season has been on for very long but we’ve reached the end of this season of Doctor Who. After ten weeks, it’s time for the two-part season finale. After all the teasers of Missy and the afterlife, The Doctor and Clara finally stumble upon it after the personal stakes are raised.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Go Further

lauren-cohan-nylonguysNothing much going on this weekend as everyone is recovering from Halloween hangover. Meanwhile I have been keeping up with the latest season of The Walking Dead and I just can’t seem to get enough of Lauren Cohan at the moment!

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Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night Review

doctor-who-in-the-forest-of-the-night-headerYou can’t expect a run of great episodes to continue forever. You would hope that it wouldn’t end right before the season finale of one of the best seasons of Doctor Who since the show’s revival in 2005. However, asking for 12-for-12 great episodes would be asking too much so maybe a flat episode was better this week than in the next two.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Big Screen or Little Screen

adrianne-palicki-johnwick14-04Howdy folks. It’s Steve in for Jackie this week. He picked a good week for me to come in to do the links as a substitute because Marvel and DC are keeping us busy with their ongoing movie and TV efforts. The various six-year plans of the two comic publishers have me wondering what their TV plans are. DC are pushing TV over movies while Marvel aren’t putting any money into live-action TV. While DC is putting Justice League (including JLA/U and JLD) characters on TV, Marvel has licensed almost all their characters for movies so there isn’t much left for TV and they don’t want to give the big names recurring cameos on Agents of SHIELD which makes it look like an afterthought despite being really good this year.

Sorry, why am I here? Oh, right. It’s the entertainment links. Keeping with the Marvel theme, here’s Adrianne Palicki who is getting a stint on Agents of SHIELD and stars in John Wick.

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Doctor Who: Flatline Review

doctor-who-flatline-headerHow many times has science fiction explored other dimensions? We’ve explored alternate dimensions with revised histories, good people turned evil and more. However, how many time have we explored the second dimension? Well, not only do The Doctor and Clara have to deal with creatures from the second dimension but The Doctor has to deal with a shrinking TARDIS. All in a day’s work.

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