Super Bowl 49 Snack Time (Infographic)

I haven’t really paid much attention since my Lions were jobbed out of the playoffs by the refs, the NFL and Roger Goodell but the Super Bowl is this weekend. The Patriots and Seahawks will do battle in a game where most fans hope that both teams can find a way to lose.

One thing that will always happen regardless of which team you hate winning the Super Bowl is the parties. Many years ago, we had an infographic that showed the 50 million cases of beer that would be consumed during the Super Bowl. Today, we have an infographic that looks at the millions and millions of pounds of food that people will gorge themselves on during the Super Bowl.

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How Will You Die? (Infographic)

We don’t like thinking about the inevitable end of life but we’re on a non-stop course for death. Some of these causes of death are somewhat preventable or manageable if you’re proactive. Others could just happen in a flash.

So what are the most common causes of death and which are most common among people your age? We have a handy (or is it really scary) infographic to help you predict your end.

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Wednesday Link-Off: (Not) Snowed In

sarah-stephens-agentprovocateur15-01I don’t know how but my hometown managed to avoid this seemingly apocalyptic snowstorm that hit most of the Eastern US. I’m not complaining since the snowbanks are way too high as it is but we’ve gotten all the rest of the snow this year so why not this too?

So now it’s time to kick off the links. Let’s heat things up from the start with Sarah Stephens.

What is middle-class per the Conservative government? That would be families who earn over $120,000. (Yahoo News)

Speaking of big money and politics, the Republican National Committee could spend nearly one billion dollars to win the White House in 2016. (Politico)

The man who will lead the Greek economy is the same man Valve had leading the Steam Market. (International Business Time)

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Fails of the Week

Every so often, we take a look at the most epic fails from the week that was in the Fails of the Week. This week, we have five pictures, GIFs and videos that we think are the most epic fails of the week.

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The Lowdown 2015 NHL All-Star Game Results

nhl-all-star-game-2015-bannerSince the introduction of the fantasy draft format in the NHL All-Star Game, we’ve been having fun with the format by drafting our own teams. Let’s cap off our coverage with a statistical analysis of who would have won if our two teams had actually faced off. Our readers were pretty split as to whether Jackie or Steve had selected the superior group of All-Stars. But let’s dissect the teams with some fancy maths to find out whose team was most likely to win the big game.

Let’s take a look at the two rosters and their stats from the real NHL All-Star Game.

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Sunday Link-Off: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

jennifer-lopez-complex15-01A little late but not any links short, it’s time for the Sunday edition of the links. I’ve been busy working IRL and on the blogs yesterday and I didn’t have as much time as I’d like. But for only a few more hours in the day. Star Trek said there were 26-hour days. Can we do that now?

Anyway, no more waiting. Let’s kick off today’s links with Jennifer Lopez.

Another week, another story about the CBC from Canadaland. This time, we learned they stonewalled Edward Snowden’s story. (Canadaland)

The Beer Store claims that it operates on a breakeven basis. Technically, that’s true. But it’s not like the owners aren’t making money hand over fist. (Toronto Star)

Modern technology was supposed to make life better for all of us. In many ways it has. However, the modern world is taking a toll on your brain. (The Guardian)

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2015 NHL All-Star Game Mock Fantasy Draft

nhl-all-star-game-2015-bannerIt’s been three years since the last NHL All-Star Game. Thanks to the most recent NHL lockout and last year’s Winter Olympics, the NHL hasn’t held their All-Star Game since 2012. One thing that hasn’t changed since the All-Star Game’s return is that we will precede the All-Star festivities with our very own NHL All-Star fantasy draft between Jackie and I.

So how did our mock draft play out? Our draft results after the jump.

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