FootLOL: Epic Fail League Review: This Ain’t Football

footlol-epic-fail-league-headerNot every football (or soccer, in North America) game is super realistic sim that allows you to take over almost every major club or player from around the world. Not every football game is even about football.

Enter the very poorly named FootLOL. FootLOL is a bit like Football Manager if Football Manager was made by someone completely out of their minds. You don’t lead your team to victory with superior tactics, player management and inspired decisions. You lead them to victory with land mines, artillery and stampeding cows.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Cold Hard Data

alyssah-ali-bloomingdales14-06I may have mentioned it before but the hardest part about these linkdumps is writing the intro. I’m never entirely sure what to say. Do I comment about the links to follow? Do I talk about the goings on of the last week? Do I talk about my personal life? I’m never quite sure. I do know that for the second straight Tuesday, snow was falling outside my window as I wrote this post. It’s just lovely April weather.

Anyway, let’s start off today’s set of links with Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Why are things in Ukraine not getting any better? Because the Russians are trying to destabilize things to take control of the country while blaming the Ukrainian government and its allies for causing the trouble that Russia themselves are causing. (New York Times)

Don’t listen to the anti-vaccine whack-jobs. Vaccines save lives. (Mother Jones)

Have you ever wanted an inside look into the live of the paparazzi? Okay, probably not. But I still found this profile of one Hollywood pap interesting. (Rolling Stone)

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25 New Reasons To Celebrate Earth Day

Tuesday is the environmental awareness day called Earth Day. It’s purpose it to increase awareness of the effects of pollution on the Earth. However, it also provides us an excuse to post a gallery of beautiful women from around the world that would also give you an incentive to save the world. It also gets us clicks which helps us keep the site viable as long as you’re not using AdBlock.

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F1 Chinese Grand Prix: Isn’t This When We Start Complaining?

f1-2014-china-hamilton-podiumThe only exciting part of this race was the banging and crashing at the start. For the third consecutive Grand Prix, it was Lewis Hamilton who won the race. Without an interruption from the safety car, Hamilton stormed away with his largest margin of the victory of the season. At least the race officials did something to keep us on our toes.

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Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Easter Time

christina-hendricks-rhapsody14-01It’s Easter Sunday but that doesn’t mean that we’re taking the day off. Granted, because the rest of the internet has been on holiday since Thursday, the links are a bit thin but I’ve still found the best posts from around the interweb over the last half-week.

Since there’s another new episode of Mad Men today, I thought that I’d start this post with Christina Hendricks. Not only does United Airlines have poor customer service but their magazine did an unforgivable crime of photoshopping Christina almost beyond recognition.

The pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine are getting very worrying. They’re forcing Jewish residents to register with them. This won’t end well. (USA Today)

Canadians who know nothing about it think that the Fair Elections Act lives up to its name. Maybe it’s best that most of the electorate doesn’t vote when they’re so ill informed. (The Globe and Mail)

Liam Neeson still wants horsedrawn carriages in Central Park. I wouldn’t argue with him. He will find you and he will kill you. (New York Times)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Tangled Up!

emma stoneIn theatres this weekend, you can catch Johnny Depp in his out of body experience in Transcendence. If you are in Australia however you can catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2!!! HA! First dibs on a blockbuster compared to the folks in North America. I gotta say, they managed to balance multiple villains this time much better than Sam Raimi’s Spidey 3. Anyway, let’s kick it off with the actress who portrays Spider-Man’s main love interest, Emma Stone. 

After the jump, a look at the chance of Spider-Man appearing in an Avengers movie, Tron 3 is still in the works, some X-Men tidbits, an alternate ending to Frozen that would have easily fit into the Marvel Universe and Emma Stone displays her signature talent.

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Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review

game-of-thrones-title-cardWhen you come into a season of Game of Thrones, you know that it’s the ninth episode of the season that everything is building up to. That’s where something big happens. But what happens when the writers and producers change things up on you and make it the second, rather than the second-to-last episode that changes everything. We’re about to find out this season after The Lion and The Rose.

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Goat Simulator Review: G.O.A.T.Y.

goat-simulator-headerIs a comedy game that’s openly considered to be a joke by its own developer and much of the gaming press something that’s a meta joke that also happens to be a game or just a joke that isn’t worth the time and money to buy and play it?

If you’ve read other reviews of Goat Simulator, that’s what they all come down to, whether the reviewer says so or not. Should a game that the developer says is a comparative waste of money be evaluated based on the developer’s promises and description of the game or should it be evaluated against every other game on the market?

The answer has to lie somewhere in the middle ground. Can you punish a game for being a below average technical effort while being exactly what was promised by the devs and hoped for by gamers?

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Wednesday Link-Off: The More Things Change

michea-crawford-marksspencer14-01I know that technically this is a short week but I feel like it’s gone long already. Well, the return of winter to Canada isn’t helping matters. I know we’re all about winter up here but even we can have enough after six months.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Michea Crawford.

The Yanks feel that Russia hasn’t learned their lesson about interfering in the Ukraine. Another round of sanctions is quickly making its way down the pipe. (The Daily Beast)

Meanwhile, things in eastern Ukraine have gotten so bad that it looks like war might break out as both Russian and Ukraine military armed forces are on the move. (Bloomberg)

I forgot that Rob and Doug Ford’s Ford Nation show made the switch to YouTube. Well, now that it’s there, Jimmy Kimmel made his much-anticipated guest appearance. (Toronto Star)

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