31 Celebrities in Costume for Halloween

It’s Halloween today. While going out in costume kinda goes out of style when you reach high school (before coming back in full force when you can legally drink in university), for celebrities, it’s a necessity for PR that they go out in costume at Halloween. I’m not sure that it’s so much a suggestion or a fun time for them as a mandate of their celebrity status.

Since it’s Halloween, let’s look at some past Halloween costumes worn by celebrities.

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F1 Power Rankings: United States Grand Prix

There are three races left in the season and a maximum of 100 points left on the board for Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The pair are separated by only 17 points but Nico needs to sweep the final three races and get some luck if the pair 1-2 every race. A non-top-two finish completely screws up those permutations but a non-top-two finish would almost certainly end Nico’s chances.

There’s a lot of pressure heading into this weekend’s race if you’re running for the championship.

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Old Guard and New

genevieve-morton-sisouthafrica14-04Well, this was certainly an interesting week to live in Ontario. First, the CBC Radio’s top daytime host is fired after they found out about a number of allegations involving sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual violence which resulted in him filing a lawsuit. There were municipal elections across the province that saw Rob Ford become a Toronto city councillor and Doug just miss becoming mayor. And I’m sure there’s loads more that happened that I’m not covering in today’s links.

But before we get to today’s links, here’s Genevieve Morton.

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi was fired after a number of allegations of non-consensual sexual violence and sexual harassment. (Toronto Star)

One expert analysed the Star’s story and Ghomeshi’s statement and looked at the real issues and inconsistencies in the stories. (Sex Geek)

Many people don’t believe the accusations against Ghomeshi because the accusers aren’t going to police and have chosen to remain anonymous. However, they’re taking this course of action because of a fear of harassment and threats. (New York Times)

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Fails of the Week

Every so often, we take a look at the most epic fails from the week that was in the Fails of the Week. This week, we have five pictures, videos, GIFs and Vines that we think are the most epic fails of the week.

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IndyCar October Update: The Silliness of Silly Season

It’s seems like forever since the last race of the 2014 IndyCar Series season but it’s only been about two months. With four months still to go before the start of the 2015 season, the picture is starting to clear but there are still plenty of pieces needing to fall during this edition of silly season. However, two of the biggest pieces are in place for 2015 onward.

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Sunday Link-Off: Canada Strong

anais-pouliot-urbanoutfitters14-43When I posted Wednesday’s links, I couldn’t have imagined how the rest of the day would have played out. I’m glad that Canada was able to pick itself up, dust itself off and carry on without being paralyzed with fear or hate.

So let’s kick off the links. Here’s Canadian model Anais Pouliot.

There are a lot of lessons that American media could learn and the CBC gave them a master class in breaking news reporting this week. (Mother Jones)

If this week’s events happened in America, we would all be talking about gun control. However, gun control is pretty solid in Canada compared to America. (Vox)

And this week’s attack in Ottawa isn’t the only time that a attack has been made against the Parliament buildings. (National Post)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Big Screen or Little Screen

adrianne-palicki-johnwick14-04Howdy folks. It’s Steve in for Jackie this week. He picked a good week for me to come in to do the links as a substitute because Marvel and DC are keeping us busy with their ongoing movie and TV efforts. The various six-year plans of the two comic publishers have me wondering what their TV plans are. DC are pushing TV over movies while Marvel aren’t putting any money into live-action TV. While DC is putting Justice League (including JLA/U and JLD) characters on TV, Marvel has licensed almost all their characters for movies so there isn’t much left for TV and they don’t want to give the big names recurring cameos on Agents of SHIELD which makes it look like an afterthought despite being really good this year.

Sorry, why am I here? Oh, right. It’s the entertainment links. Keeping with the Marvel theme, here’s Adrianne Palicki who is getting a stint on Agents of SHIELD and stars in John Wick.

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