Game of Thrones: The House of Black and White Review

game-of-thrones-house-of-black-and-white-headerI was a little surprised last week when most of the people I know weren’t so high on the season premiere. I don’t know what there was to not like last week but not much changed this week. Sure, death got a big return this week after a week off in The Wars to Come but sex and violence isn’t the be all and end all of TV.

Much like last week, we got a look at many of the characters around Westeros. Unlike last week which saw some loose threads tied up, a whole host of new stories were kicked off this week.

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Game of Thrones – Episode Two Review: Love’s Labour’s Lost

game-of-thrones-episode-two-headerIt took a long time but it looks like Telltale Games finally found its strong suit with The Walking Dead series. That story kicked off their foray into mature stories, strong characters and meaningful interaction. The gameplay around it wasn’t the emphasis but rather a means to get you to the next character moment.

While Telltale’s new Game of Thrones series didn’t debut at the peak of TWD’s excellence, they did a great job with the talking portions of the game. The memorable moments in the first episode came from the interactions of the two Forrester children who were talkers rather than fighters. The second episode of Game of Thrones has a little less conversation and a little more action but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Budget Blues

renee-young-wwe15-01You know that you’re gearing up to an election when everyone is talking about the federal budget. I haven’t really gotten into the nitty-gritty of the budget yet but some of what I’ve read about how it’s been put together kind of scares me. That Vice article downright terrifies me.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Since we’re talking a lot about the Canadian budget, let’s kick things off with Renee Young.

Yesterday was federal budget day in Canada. It’s 500+ pages of campaigning for the Conservative government. (MacLean’s)

By the way, the budget is balanced. That’s thanks to taking money from the Government’s reserve funds which leaves the country in vulnerable financial shape should the economy get worse. (Vice)

Speaking of upcoming elections, rather than deal with a minority government, Canadians want a coalition government. Bad news for the Conservatives? (Toronto Star)

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Fails of the Week

Every so often, we take a look at the most epic fails from the week that was in the Fails of the Week. This week, we have five pictures, GIFs and videos that we think are the most epic fails of the week.

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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix: Lights, Sparks, Action

While Ferrari is back in contention this season, the battle that fans are focusing on isn’t silver vs. red. The big battle is between Hamilton vs. Rosberg. Having missed out on pole and finish behind Hamilton in each race, the Bahrain Grand Prix could have been the turning point for Nico’s season. Either he could turn it around and prove himself a contender or he would fall out of the hunt before returning to Europe.

While there were some promising moments during the race, Rosberg once again collapsed under the pressure. Even before his big mistake, he was never going to win. The winner was, once again, Lewis Hamilton.

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Sunday Link-Off: Meanwhile, in Canada

danielle-knudson-nelly15-07You know, I’m getting worse and worse at time management. I’m trying to write stuff for The Lowdown and et geekera while holding down a job and trying to have other hobbies. That’s why today’s SLO comes in three hours later than normal. I didn’t get this done until an hour before it went live. And now, it’s immediately on to the next post(s). There ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Canadian model (though not the democratically voted Hottest Canadian) Danielle Knudson.

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal might be finally coming to an end. The CBC has issued its internal report and cut ties with their now former head of radio and HR director. (Toronto Star)

The Harper Government’s so-called anti-terrorism legislation will undergo its final vote in the Commons this week. People aren’t happy. (Sun Media)

Political discourse is dead in America. The problem is that it’s not much better in Canada. Yes, I realize that right-wingers will find this link following the previous to be ironic. (National Post)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Awaken

anna-kendrick-glamouruk15-06Hello Saturday crew. Steve in for Jackie this week. I certainly lucked into a good week to cover the entertainment beat. Between a new Star Wars trailer, a new Batman v Superman trailer, news for both movies and Gwyneth Paltrow’s food stamp experiment, this was an entertaining week to be a fan of entertainment and pop culture. Oh, I almost forgot that Game of Thrones premiered this week. We might have reviewed this week’s episode.

Anyway, it’s time to cut the preamble and get down to business with this week’s Entertainment Link-Off. Since we have a few links about her in here, let’s kick this post off with Anna Kendrick.

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